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  1. Castlemaine Sunday

    Thanks Mick/Anthony for putting on the ride, had my usual few eventful moments but as the day got further in the more confident I got or could have been easier tracks and proper tyre pressure . Showed Steve1 how to superman into the creek........... have to remember when you put you bike down into creek to put feet as well not leave on bank and accelerate . Thanks to all for a great day out.... Cheers Steve
  2. Hey Lachy, There are a number of people on this site from around the Bendigo area. Number of area's aound bendigo to ride, Welsford ( Axedale to East Bendigo/Huntly), Kimbolton (Sedwick to Eppolock),Big Hill ( Mandurang South to Kangaroo Flat) and some area's in Eaglehawk and Maiden Gully . Welsford if probably the easiest to start with for begineer or getting back into riding. Once you get the bike give me a message and can organise. Cheers Steve
  3. 2011 Dirtriderz Xmas Ride - Tallarook

    Hy Guy's, Alot more video camera's were there???? hasanyone got anymorefootage to post up??? Cheers
  4. 2011 Dirtriderz Xmas Ride - Tallarook

    Hi All, Does anyone have anymore video's of the intermediate Ride???
  5. 2011 Dirtriderz Xmas Ride - Tallarook

    Hi Milktoast, Geat video, showed a good variety of tracks we went on.........caught my stack(only one for the day which is excellent for me) in the boghole thing at about 5:40 on the husky (103). Did you have much other video or does anyone else?? Cheers Steve
  6. 2011 Dirtriderz Xmas Ride - Tallarook

    Thanks all for an awesome ride and BBQ. Started out with getting the bike ready on thursday night and had all looking clean and ready to go....thought just do a quick spin around the back yard to make sure everything working ok .............ended up coming off and ripping my arm up and bent the handlebars!!!!!!!!...starightened them up and went and got my arm patched up. Was on the intermediate ride and thought I would have been keeping Felroy company all day when I saw soom of therider on that ride (Adjust who leads the begineers rides I have been on)... but pushed myself a fair bit and used the advice from Geoffyboy (try to stand up more) and got up the Hill to my suprise, even got around someone who stacked halfway up....still working on the Downhills and Bogholes, was alright when I was able to follow someone but when came upto one where no one in sight off courde I picked thewrong side and off I was.... but managed to get out not to wet. The last downhill where the last bitwas very steep I got down ok suprised again. Thanks to Jonesy and other leader (sorry forgot your name) for checking on how I was going if/what I could handle. Meet some great people on corner man duty ( I am pretty useless with names) - finally got to do a few ..........usually haven't made it to the front to often. Got to the resivoir and my arm was starting to hurt a bitand a few guy's were tounging for a beer, so 6 of us headedback and got a bit lost until we ran it the CFA who gave us directions. Thumbs up to Coise(hope the thumb gets better) and alll the other who had the BBQ up and going. Cheers Steve
  7. Wombat Beginners Ride Sat 22Nd Oct

    Hi Shane, Great pics and how is the new bike going??? Weren't you on a Kato??, may have to change you name. Cheers Steve
  8. Wombat Beginners Ride Sat 22Nd Oct

    Does anyone have any misses thinks i just go out and roll in the mud Does anyone have any tips on starting a husky.........or what could be a problem(Does not seem to like water much either)???
  9. Wombat Beginners Ride Sat 22Nd Oct

    Thanks Again to Dave for leading the ride...........was alot more comfortable on this ride and actually got to be on cornerman duties a few times So wasn't all the way at the back like last time. Got up the first hill again and helped been able to keep up and follow some experienced riders and watch and learn how to pick a better and quicker track and not the deep water...........Took a few goes to get up the second hill which we didn't even attempt last time just have to learn to control the throttle a bit better and no just pull it on hard when i started to slow down as back wheel ends up infront. Thanks for all the advice and for Geoffyboy for getting it up that last little slippery bit...........Got the bl**dy husky serviced so thought all would have been good but still afew issues with kick starting got me stuffed (seemed to have started better last time I was out on a ride when it rolled,was upside down, oil coming out) but had a great day and will have to practice standing up a bit more.........Was an excellent loop,some good challenges and learn't alot again....Hopefully someone will have some more photo's/video's to put up .....Cheers Steve... P.S. Thanks to Steve(CentralVic) for the ride down and words of wisdom.
  10. Wombat Beginners Ride 23-7

    Hi Dave, Was stuffed after that........didn't help I had no drinks.......Was a great ride with a great bunch of people and will definately be down for more rides. Cheers Steve
  11. Wombat Beginners Ride 23-7

    So was just wondering what grading level that ride would be classed at?
  12. Wombat Beginners Ride 23-7

    Now I have one Turkey leg........Nearly..........Clutch control better but still hard when falling/slipping over!
  13. Wombat Beginners Ride 23-7

    Great vid's? Anymore?
  14. Competition For The Month Of July

    From the begineers ride on the weekend if anybody got a picture of the Dave?(black Hilux) loading his bike 0nto the back of the Hilux, as he definately needs something new as one piece of wood is busted. Looked like it was going to happen from the start. Cheers Steve