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  1. orangeboy

    What State, Suburb is everybody from ???

    langwarrin 3910
  2. orangeboy


    this doesn't apply to racers as apparently the tracks are flat , works ace for trailriding though
  3. does my head in when they bulldoze 200mtrs of single track ,cut down trees to block them off every 50mtrs dig big trenches and basically desecrate the bush to safe it from us dirty disgusting dirtbike riders riding along a single track that basically just resembles a game trail
  4. good job cluffie, i like to drive down single track in my dozer and make them into lovely smooth firetrails. sorry , couldn't help myself bit of misplaced humour there
  5. orangeboy

    Ktm 250 exc for beginner/intermediate?

    well theres your answer in a nutshell, get a 4 stroke , for the aprox. $5000 budget you have , maybe try one of these, has rec reg and is pretty clean , just an example, i think a japanese 250 enduro will get you the most bang for your buck , although having said that the sherco that some other members have mentioned sounds like a pretty awesome bike for the money , maybe at least arrange to have a look or have a look at the example below, looks great in the photos , but you would want to check on whether the valves were replaced as these were an issue on these bikes 2004 Honda CRF 250X, water cooled, high performance dirt bike. Absolutely immaculate condition, plastics unmarked, never dropped, only ridden on fire trails. 1 owner since new (66 years old) only done 105 hours (3595 kms). Have supporting dealer service receipts for kms. Bike is currrently set up for off road use and was derestricted by dealer when first purchased. Bike comes with Owners Manual, Ego barkbusters, alloy sump guard, radiator guards, frame guards, heavy duty tubes and original Honda spares kit which includes second headlight and shroud, tail light assembly, blinkers, mirrors, muffler restrictor, spare brake master cylinder and original rear sprocket which will allow the bike to be road registered if desired. Also comes with 2 spare air filters. It has a trickle charger lead fitted to the bike and trickle charger is also included. The bike has been serviced every 300kms since new and the motor has been ultra reliable without any problems at all. This is a sensational bike to ride and has huge power for a 250. Would suit beginner or experienced riders. You will be amazed at the condition of this bike and is a viable alternative to spending more than twice as much on a new bike. Serious buyers only.
  6. orangeboy


    with the weight savings from having no tools, no lunch , no bumbag and if i don't stop for broken down mates and ignore the corner man system what with my race numbers and aftermarket muffler i should be able to catch up to him and roost him as i pass............... as long as the track is flat
  7. orangeboy


    hahaha that's funny as f@#k mmmm , sounds like this list was made up by someone that has never been to a vic offroad or even a decent club day. the list is clearly wrong , it's a red bull sticker kit ( monster energy is so yesterday ) as is fluoro yellow fox gear it's now greys and blues' try to keep up ................. at least we respect the bush enough to not spend hours in first and second gear riding up and down creek beds causing untold damage to the fragile eco system.
  8. orangeboy

    2019 Rides Wish List

    you'll love it , tassy is a great ride.....enjoy
  9. orangeboy


    unfortunately unlike new zealand you would need a learners permit or licence and a registered bike, victoria does have a thing called rec reg which is a cheaper option if you are only riding trails ,lots of members have rec reg bikes , plenty of rides going on in the forests around melbourne
  10. orangeboy

    AMA Supercross on Foxtel today

    that's poor planning , would of been the first thing i thought about putting into the itinerary , off to arizona to show the family monument valley and then whooshka !!!! look guys the supercross is on around the corner , fancy that
  11. orangeboy

    Wiring removal and now bike won't start

    whoops , you may have cut too much, what did you remove ??? a bit of detail as to what and where you cut stuff out would be helpful , you may have created a monster , why did you remove all your rec reg gear , was it to return it to an mx bike ??
  12. orangeboy

    65 it's just a number they said ?

    thanks mate , cheers
  13. orangeboy

    65 it's just a number they said ?

    Well i'm thinking High Country rides you can go as fast or slow as you want, plus you only use more than about 150mm of suspension when you hit wash outs. I can do a HC ride @ a good pace good point there eagle, although i have had a monumental downhill crash in the high country resulting in cartwheeling down hill with the bike also cartwheeling and chasing me and actually catching me twice, so once again when things go pear shaped because the speeds are higher the crashes are epic and usually result in bigger injuries
  14. orangeboy

    65 it's just a number they said ?

    when and if i make it back i'm going to have to alter my rides to suite , so do i do as eagle has said and do more open/ high country type riding ( or as cruiser has said boring fire trails ) or do i only do single track stuff as the speeds are lower so the potential for further injury when crashing is lower, i know one thing , crazy play hills are over as the chance for injury is too high, might have to try and invent an airbag type elbow guard that inflates when your hand leaves the bar