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  1. orangeboy

    Dartmouth 2 day

    hopefully it's not like my break , i have the full factory ken roczen style blowned to bits elbow / radius/ulna injury
  2. orangeboy

    Dirtriderz favourite recipes

    you guys on the westside have always been a bit , not us eastern siders it's a beer and a sausage in bread old school , maybe just maybe a stubby holder . but i am a culinery genius in the kitchen really , just don't tell anyone shhhhhhh!!!!
  3. orangeboy

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    sucks to be on the injured list and missing out on rides like this, keep up the good work your doing boys and hopefully i will recover enough to get back on the bike next year sometime and i can come and play
  4. go buy a polisport or other cheap aftermarket headlight and go riding , # DISCLAIMER #, THIS IS NOT TECHNICALLY LEGAL, but i have ridden with tons of guys on rec reg where the lights don't actually work
  5. orangeboy


    here we f@#king go
  6. where's the oil ????
  7. second vote for old mate rexy at fuel torque ,sent my ecu to him with a note explaining what i wanted from the bike and what it was doing that i didn't like and whooshka !!!!! , he even rang me for my feedback and will even remap if you aren't happy
  8. orangeboy

    Looking for a rec reg kit on my crf250r

    good idea mr cruiser, thats what i would be doing and then you would also be LAMS legal, or any other 250 enduro ,yamaha wr, husky, KTM etc etc
  9. LAMS also applies to learner riders as they can only ride LAMS approved bikes even witn rec reg . once at neerim the cops came to the unloading area and booked all these young bikes on non LAMS approved bikes, one of the learner riders had a KTM500exc and he was fine because it is LAMS approved but his mates on mx 250"s were fined, go figure ????????
  10. orangeboy

    350 Club

    they sometimes come adjusted in correctly , i had trouble with my bike idling fast when pulling up to corner etc. turn it off ,turn it back on and it would idle fine , take off again pull up at the next corner and it's idling at 3 million rpm again, turns out the adjustment was way off , found a link to a youtube clip and it should be something like 23 clicks out from fully screwed in { that's the yellow button on the bottom of the throttlebody }
  11. orangeboy

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    i can still ride o.k. and do level 2.5 rides but have to choose the risk vs reward on some sketchy hills etc. I'm trying to practice falling on my left side .
  12. orangeboy

    False start, carnage and some prime tracks

    Have to say....If you had your name down to attend this ride today. And the only thing that stopped you from joining in was the weather. ?? YOU REALLY MISSED OUT. guilty as charged .........yeah i whoosed out cause it was raining................ but i do have an excuse , i am still rehabbing a rebuilt shoulder in which i snapped the two major shoulder tendons and as i don't yet have full range of motion i cannot afford to have a crash and re injure the shoulder and be back to square one , so as much as it's physical it is also a struggle mentally to commit to a wet weather ride with the extra chance of crashing............. i did have the bike loaded and the alarm set but had a look out the window and it was raining so i WHOOSED OUT , i do love greasa's loop and i hope to be on the next one , i'll have to go up on the shame file
  13. orangeboy

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    maybe the pro enduro riders are providing inspiration
  14. orangeboy

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    That’s why I asked. Add Oakley dual layer lenses and they’re worse still. I brought 2x dual layer lenses for my airbrakes and threw them out after one ride .... complete garbage that's what lenses i was referring to , unwearable is right , i used to wear scott dual lenses back in the in the but i have been sponsoring oakley goggles for years , like gypsy said you spend top dollar but i would have expected more, do like how easy it is to change a lense though ,30 seconds and your done , i carry at least one spare lense sometimes two and just swap them out as required , clean them at home
  15. orangeboy

    Goggles, are my eyes important?

    with dual lenses I find that I get condensation between each lens which distorts vision and then I have to stick them on the back of my helmet, especially in technical riding where you tend to get hot and sweaty in cold conditions