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  1. thanks for the well wishes cruiser ,2t and kmatt
  2. hahaha funny little professor aren't you
  3. i'm FINALLY going out for my first ride post elbow surgery , i still don't have full elbow lockout and still have issues with the ulna nerve resulting in significant numbness in half of my left hand, i've resorted to modifying the bike to suit my modified arm by installing a rekluse clutch to make hanging on with the left hand easier by not having to worry about the clutch so hope to be out playing with ya all soon............... BRRRAAAPPP.....!!!!!!!
  4. still on the long term injury list
  5. you'll smash it as always
  6. welcome home dakota and have fun in tassy ...... i'm jealous as F@#K
  7. i probably should give you more than just thank you , thank you for taking the time to make the videos you make . it's because of people like you that people like me get inspired to go and do and experience great rides, take your tasmanian ride videos as an example i watched your videos went f@#k yeah and booked the same ride the following year and it was as awesome as your videos promisesd it to be , even some of your local weekend videos have me going , where's that that looks epic and even when i can't get out myself due to two bad years with injuries i get to do a 12 minute day ride on the computer screen , so keep up the good work i for one applaud your efforts, thank you
  8. ahh talk about memories, good job , i raced one of these in 1983
  9. i might have to take my race numbers off , looks like i might even have to install a rekluse clutch as my left hand doesn't work properly so can't ride tricky terrain and use the clutch , but hey it beats not riding , looking at 6- 8 weeks before i'm back
  10. you won't be able to ride hilly terrain with those sweet race numbers..................just sayin
  11. for you young folk , these are the legendary rossi boots
  12. that brings back memories , rossi boots , open face helmet , maybe with a clip on plastic attachment that turned it to a full face helmet, jeans and a flannel shirt , grab theRM125X and off for the day to hit the tracks , no bothering about being too young to ride on the roads or rec reg or anything , just push her out the gate , walk across the road and into the first side street , start her up and off to the bush
  13. there's another guy from gippsland who wears flannel shirt and overalls from way back in the DBW days , he's a mountain goat , fast and smooth ,he turned up out of the blue at one of greasa's hazelwood rides ,still in the same overalls ,but on a yz250 4t not his xr250 like he used to have. still fast and smooth and still trying to ride up cliff faces
  14. i was thinking the same thing
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