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  1. Thanks for the info, that's just the type of Intel I was looking for, cheers
  2. can anybody suggest a start point/ tracks for this area , i have some maps and u tube clips looking for some different tracks to play on , level 2/2.5 fun tracks , some overgrown firetrails that need to be ridden in tight file , good flowing tracks etc. any ideas would be appreciated, thanks ...bye now!!
  3. I've been to the apple farm too , DMCC cross country rounds , good tracks in there. i was kind of hoping there is some tracks similar in the bush near there nice overgrown firetrails ?? any one ???
  4. any of you fine fellows familiar with riding around the three bridges area ?, starting points, any good tracks, general info on riding conditions etc etc
  5. hopefully at some stage it passed through geffro's hands and he did one of his exquisite resto jobs on it then sold it on to some unsuspecting owner that didn't ride it much and i get it back looking as new, how good would that be ..........never know your luck in a big city
  6. well done splints, i would love to get back my 1983 kawasaki kdx250 that was stolen but as it was back in 1990 there abouts when it was stolen doubt its in any database , but..... never know your luck in a big city
  7. i have had a similar thing happen , i loosened the rimlock off, removed the valve from the tube got a rubber mallet and hit the tyre around to straighten the valve stem, re tightened the rimlock and pumped the tyre back up , this fixed the problem for me but not sure if this is the same issue as you have mentioned marking the tyre and rim and having no movement there.
  8. 3rd party policies usually cover theft as they are normally termed as 3rd party, fire and theft policies
  9. looking at your videos you post up i would go the mx33 for the rear , now as a disclaimer daniel milner put me onto the mx33 and there is a slight chance that he may be paid to use their tyre as he is a sponsored rider
  10. sorry but i have to disagree with that statement, the fatty is extremely good in sand as it's wider footprint allows it to sit on the sand better as it does not cut through and knife the front nearly as much .as a result it offers a much more stable front end feeling in loose sand and doesn't have the usual wallow feeling where it feels like the front end is wandering, i have ridden lots on sand and it works for me. now tight rutty hardpack tracks can have the wider tyre climb out of ruts sometimes and i have been told that a bike that is slower steering can be affected by the wider tyre slo
  11. i've started using dunlop mx 33 which is a soft/intermediate tyre and so far i like it as for the front i stick to my all time favorite front tyre the golden tyre fatty
  12. how many of you were in your group , and was there just your group or other groups staying as well ????
  13. So .... who’s gunna buy a 2020 beta?........................... YEAH !!!!!........................ NUP !!!!