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  1. how many of you were in your group , and was there just your group or other groups staying as well ????
  2. So .... who’s gunna buy a 2020 beta?........................... YEAH !!!!!........................ NUP !!!!
  3. thought that pic might give it away, yes craigs hut . mt . terrible , now that answer is just unaustralian
  4. sorry guys don't know how to change the rotation of the photo
  5. where's this , bit of an older pic don't know how it ended upside down ???
  6. when you say woodside are you talking about stradbroke forest ???
  7. funny how it's seen as o.k. in motocross /supercross but when I ride like that on dirtriderz rides. and aim straight for the corner man and take him out people seem to get the sh#ts pretty quick.
  8. It was definitely a bad idea at minimum. Ferrandis was on a mission towards the front. Neither Craig nor Jett Lawrence are what I would consider to be first tier title threats. Yes, they are great riders, but I don’t think Ferrandis has a true sense of urgency when it comes to minimizing any damage against them. His primary concern would be on Forkner and Cooper. With both of those two riders behind him, it seems pretty clear that he rushed this move when he didn’t have the track position or angle to make this pass work. If Ferrandis was closer, Craig would have felt him on the inside and checked up to avoid a big collision. With him just a bit back, though, Craig felt he had enough room to slingshot off the berm without being blasted into Newport Beach. Ferrandis was impatient, that’s fairly easy to see. I am more curious as to why he felt such a sense of urgency. He is experienced and the reigning champ so he should have a more cerebral outlook than some of his competitors. The only real reason I can point to is the 15-point deficit he faced coming in. Perhaps he felt it so critical to capitalize on the opportunity (Cooper and Forkner behind) that he was willing to take big chances to ensure the win. French arrogance maybe ?? dirty ?? it could have caused serious injury to Christian so yeah bit of a sh@#thouse move I think.
  9. missed out on the ride, as is usual i was contemplating nominating for a position when the RIDE FULL sign came out for this ride.. but was up there today with another mate and happened along on some of mick's pink ribbon firetrails, even found a blue paint track which had me wondering if it's like skiing where a blue run is harder than a pink one but it was all good, hope to make one of your rides in the future to see what else you have up your sleeve, cheers
  10. the grand final ride at dissa is a standout i think , purely for the organisation to put on a level 1, level 2, level 2+ and level romaniacs all on the one day and a smashing barbecue afterwards TOP JOB GENTLEMAN ....give yourselves a pat on the back for that one . that day encompessed the DIRTRIDRZ ethos i think. and i would like to add a shoutout to Geoffro ( and also the other moderators/collaborators ) for his time and effort in running this forum , it's ace happy new year everyone
  11. i'm trying to get a team together , trying to motivate my mates to do it again but if they don't hurry up and decide would be happy to join a team of dirtriderz, only want to enter for fun this year so not out to go all out as i have previously , so will watch this space to see what develops
  12. how you going mate.....back on the bike?


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    2. splints


      pretty good mate....he is home, still wheel chair bound, meeting this week with the docs to see if he can start putting weight on his pelvis and start rehab walking. its been a **** amazing recovery...all the docs are astounded....obviously we all appreciate how lucky we are.... whoever controls this world wasn't prepared to punch his ticket...

    3. splints


      you wanna come on the cruisy tallarook ride egg is running? we can go up together

    4. splints


      thinking of staying satdy night.... few beers...bbq...what say you mate

  13. I use boltons for all my parts ,awesome service from there, I met bruce Bolton the other week at the ktm 790 test day , top bloke said to him that I would travel to Kyneton and buy my next bike from him on the back of his spare parts service . rather give him my money than theiven stevens
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