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  1. WP 48 OC forks

    OC forks from an SX not sure about but EXC OC forks are already slow techy shit friendly, but 4cs springs do not fit, ...................well they do with an anglegrinder
  2. DirtriderZ in Cambodia - 32 mins documentary

    excellent job with the video, #jealous
  3. How Did You Hear About Dirtriderz??

    now DBW is a ghost town and all the riders faded away or followed geoffro over here , so thank you geoffro otherwise would have had to join some phantom secret society facebook group
  4. How Did You Hear About Dirtriderz??

    first heard about dirtriderz on DBW ( dirtbikeworld ) as a rebel splinter group of disgruntled DBW members not happy with the direction /leadership of DBW. united peoples front of dirtriderz or the peoples united front of dirtriderz .or some other name. they were just referred to on DBW as splitters.
  5. Plastic kits and where to buy?

    you can get good quality graphics kits online, i have had a few good ones over the years, HG stickers are good excellent team kits etc on par with the ktm kits, kung fu graphics make all the different red bull graphics kits including the troy lee and dhl enduro kits. there are some good local companies that can make up a good quallity custom kit ,
  6. Plastic kits and where to buy? this one looks pretty
  7. 2014 KTM 350SXF wheel bearings

    might have to check out the SKF kit if it's got the wheel bearings, seals and wheel spacers that's probably all you need, the circlip and centre spacer are not really important to have new each time
  8. 2014 KTM 350SXF wheel bearings

    i buy the ktm bearing /wheel kit that has the bearings, dust seals, wheel spacers and clip as i think that the bearings last longer if you do the whole kit, i don't like running new bearings with worn wheel spacers.
  9. Clutch Fluid

    it's written on the clutch master cylinder cover what to put in usually that is the right fluid , just check the cap
  10. Idiots at Wombat

    are they sure it wasn't the DSE who chopped them down so they can use the trees to block an illegal single track to 'save the environment "
  11. What are you watching on TV

    there is a second series out now and a third to come
  12. Show us your old ( pre 1989 ) bikes

    here's a few from vintage meet at Pakenham a few weeks ago
  13. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    well that's good mate at least i can be happy for you to back out there BRRAAAAPP !!!!!!!
  14. What Pisses Me Orf....!!

    looking at my bike in the shed knowing that i"m still months away from being able to ride , being injured f@#$&ing PISSES ME OFF !!!!!!!
  15. **Flashback Friday**

    my parents found this old photo the other day , circa 1983. check out the fashionable at the time boot savers and old school rat racing gear