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  1. Got my hoodie today, thanks Fro good work making a variety of color combos available, very happy with my choice
  2. I've been using the same Marko and still have the spare one somewhere which I thought I would need being that these are made for pushbikes
  3. Hey Biggie which holder is that on the photo
  4. Hi Fro, a Large Gunmetal/Aqua thanks
  5. Received the goodies today, thanks Fro Happy Christmas
  6. I’m happy to go with a cap instead of a bucket hat if it helps get it over the line Fro, something others might consider.
  7. Sports Grey XL Singlet Navy/Silver Bucket Hat L/XL Thanks Fro
  8. I’d be in for a singlet & hat
  9. Top bloke at The Cobblers Last, I put a hole on my brand new crossfires via a big off and the foot peg, the bloke in the shop opened up a brand new packet of some gooh and completely fixed and sealed the hole and when I asked him how much he said don't worry about it. Makes my day when you come across people like that, so I recommend them when ever I can.
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