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  1. Checking in [emoji112][emoji112][emoji112] Level 2 prefer cruisy rides these days. Don't ride often these days but keen to jump on board some chicks ride. Normally ride Tallarook or Cobaw
  2. I'm here too [emoji112][emoji112][emoji112]
  3. Thanks Habs for a great day out, we had a ball! It's a nice practice loop we didnt know about thats only 30mins from home, so will def catch you on some more rides! A few pics are attached. Thanks also to the sweep and all the other riders that made for a great ride [emoji4]
  4. Interested in riding with you all too. Occassionally ride Tallarook, Cobaw or Wombat. Happy to ride whatever [emoji4]
  5. KT I'm in Heathcote, we should catch up some time
  6. I was confussed too! The grading system has obviously changed from 10 years ago! Level 3 must be level 2 now! Figured that one out after going on a LV3 ride [emoji23] Guessing what Lucas said... Level 2+ = level 2 pace/ ride with some harder level 3 stuff thrown in.
  7. Early start sunrise and a few pics from the day!
  8. Might have to link this thread to the cluffie's ride report?
  9. Thanks for a top ride Cluffie [emoji6] Also a big thanks to Lucas for sweeping and all other riders for a great day! Was definitely a slippery day, with lots of logs and interesting ST, all in all I think everyone had a great day. Cheers & catch you on the trails again soon [emoji106]
  10. Cheers for the offer (if you were refering to my post!), the bikes back together now so I wont worry atm. I'm looking at a parts bike as I'm finding parts are getting harder to find these days, so I should have a back up soon.
  11. Mr Fox fixed my bike this week... New sprag clutch bearing + new clutch plates. New front pads, bleed the clutch & brakes in the process. New gear lever on its way. Also minute mended the casing again - fault in design with the rear brake line rubs through the casing.
  12. On the money with the Sprag Clutch! New one is in along with new clutch plates. Just need to bleed the clutch now and should be good to go! The apprentice was in on it too!
  13. Yes, most definately occurs more once warm. I haven't started it often enough to rule out slipping with the kicker when warm though, so I will take your word for it. Have looked into an old project bike just to get my head around how it all works and it seems quiet a similar setup. Thanks for all your help. The journey has been an interesting learning experience regardless!
  14. Your pic is pointing to #4 Is that correct? I thought it would be #31???
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