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  1. Hey Geoff, can we grab both original 1 black medium 1 black large Cheers [emoji6]
  2. Wow! Mt Clay looks like awesome fun!
  3. Agreed, shit happens and I have to say, it has happened on a few of my rides. It is always expected that people will pull out a day or 2 before, thats just life. The important thing is letting people know if you plan to show or not, so on the day, people aren't left waiting around. Also taking a spot on a capped ride and not showing, means someone else who wanted to go could miss out. And as Habs said, no one needs to justify why they can't make a ride, just a simple message saying you cant is fine. Honestly, I dont really care if a rider shows up or not or what the reasoning is, I just w
  4. It was soo awesome to see every rider make it up that optional hill! Definately the highlight of the ride I think! It really boosted everyones confidence! Great to see [emoji16]
  5. My son came off a PW50 onto a DR-Z70 which is an awesome inbetween bike. I mistakenly brought a KTM50 inbetween the PW50 & 70 and it just scared the crap out of him. Just last week he rode our PW80 that all the kids have ridden over the years and loved it (Almost 8 years old). We also had a TTR-50 for 7 year old timid daughter who wasn't confident enough on the bulky PW80. We kept having issues with battery and starting it, so we got rid of it.
  6. It was a 125 pit bike which I would not recommend! Before that he had an XR80 for years [emoji6] Honda didnt make a 125cc 4 stroke at the time. KLX140 is an awesome alternative to the 150F too as suggested earlier. I dont know much about the new honda 125s.
  7. Here is my younger brother at 13 on my CRF150 then a month later we both upgraded to a CRF 230 in 2006. Between the age of 12-15 he went through 4 bikes, a 125, 150, 230 then started racing mx on 250. Its a tricky age as they grow so quickly! It really depends on what sort of rider they are and there physical frame. Now 30, he has had a rediculous amount of bikes and rides extreemly well. Regardless of what they start on, if they want to ride mx or enduro they will get there in the end no matter what they ride as a kid. I see many parents put there kids on a 2stroke that scares the crap out o
  8. CRF230 if he is tall enough. That will last him a fair while.
  9. Next ride maybe Sunday 2nd May [emoji6]
  10. So glad to hear everyone enjoyed the ride. Your riding has improved immensely since we last rode together in Feb too! Keep up the good work! Catch you on the next one.
  11. Awesome day with an awesome crew! For a ride that started with 35 we got down to 13 and the group flowed really well! Big thanks to Mark, Luke & Bear for sweep duties and helping out through out the ride. Couldn't have asked for a better day! Catch you all next time!
  12. Tim Coleman update [emoji3526] So yesterday arvo Tim was finally transferred to a ward after 41 days in intensive care! (This Sunday marks 6 weeks) A big step towards getting home [emoji3526] He’s even been able to get outside a couple of times to get some fresh air which he bloody loved! It’s still absolutely crazy for us to think that Tim was fit and healthy one second racing and doing well and the next minute he was fighting for his life after suffering heat stroke, almost died from liver failure, and then copped a serious bout of pneumonia with multiple collapsed lungs and surgeries an
  13. I have resorted to stealing my 8 year old son's Progrip goggles for tomorrow's ride so I can breath through my nose! Don't buy answer goggles for $29, there just pox!
  14. I just brought a pair recently after having a pair fall apart that I had worn for years and forgotten the whole drama of finding good fitting goggles! I brought a cheapy pair in a rush and find they fall down on my face and block my nose! I just brought another pair of Scotts goggles online from MX store. Same brand I had last time, so hopefully they are comfortable!