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  1. Yes, most definately occurs more once warm. I haven't started it often enough to rule out slipping with the kicker when warm though, so I will take your word for it. Have looked into an old project bike just to get my head around how it all works and it seems quiet a similar setup. Thanks for all your help. The journey has been an interesting learning experience regardless!
  2. Your pic is pointing to #4 Is that correct? I thought it would be #31???
  3. FYI, shot around to the mechanic this afternoon so he could have a look and give his opinion... also beleives its the starter clutch. Getting quotes on parts now. Will update when I know more. Thanks for all your help guys [emoji6]
  4. So is a starter clutch / sprag clutch the same thing?
  5. So, I got a new battery, all seemed fine.. Then today my partner went to turn it on, it started ok, he took it for a ride across the paddock then a few mins later tried to start again and the starter made the same spinning sound. After a few minutes he tried to start it again and it was fine! So its just happening randomly. Tested the starter electrically and it seems ok. Should I be looking at the starter clutch now or are there any other ideas? Would a starter issue (other than electrical) also show intermittent issues like this?
  6. [emoji41][emoji41][emoji41] New Lithium Battery Today!
  7. Here's a youtube vid of my 1st Technical ride back after overcoming some health issues and quiet a few years off the bike. My lung capacity is not what it use to be, but it can only get better from here! My bike played up a bit too, which didnt help! Keen for some level 2 rides to build my endurance back up, so you guys might see me about a bit more! Thank you Dusty for the ride [emoji6]
  8. Dragged the old Husky out of retirement of late so its been getting some love. My better half wired in a Deutsch plug for a dodgy connection that was shorting out my ignition. I could walk upto the bike and it would turn the fuel pump on if I touched the headlight [emoji23] I put on new chain and sprockets, clean and airfilter etc. Maybe a new battery next if it doesnt charge up properly. I also dragged out all my ADR gear and my partner rewired in blinkers and refitted the flasher loom. Looks like all ADR gear will go back on nicely for RWC. Looking at getting full reg. Also brought a new headlight casing, mine was broken and headlight wasnt connecting properly, so it was turning on and off all the time. Parts have arrived but still to be fitted.
  9. Ok, I guess I will be buying a new battery! Thanks Guys [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  10. Is that at 13.4 when the bike is running or off? Sorry, have added more info to my post above
  11. Flat battery??? Boss is at work so I pinched his multimeter! 12.6v when turned off Lowest it went down to was 9.67 volts as it was starting. Then when running was sitting between 12.8 to 14.4 when running. I dont know if this is normal or not, I just know how to use the multimeter [emoji23]
  12. Hmm ok, will keep that one in mind. Will rule out the cheaper options first. Thanks for the info!