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  1. $84.20 for KTM450 rec reg and $556.60 for a 800cc full reg road bike in Greater Bendigo
  2. Yes, I ran into a fellow dirtrider in Heathcote state forest on the hiking track a fair while ago. He had parked his Blue Jeep and then walked down the trail, crossings paths with us. I think he is from Bendigo, I have only met him once at a Habs bendigo ride, can't remember his name. Thought it was pretty random though!
  3. Spoke to soon! Having the same issue again! Can only log on with mobile data again!
  4. Hey Guys, Just trying to find more info on wrist injuries and who has had them? I came off in March and only just found out I have a decent ligament tear.
  5. Hi Robbie, I had similar issues and was only able to get onto Dirtriderz with my mobile data. I couldn't access the site via tapatalk or Web on either wifi or direct connection. I ended up ringing my service provider (Dodo) and they found my IP wasn't connecting with the dirtriderz website for some reason. They changed my IP and haven't had any issues since. I don't really understand all the techy details of it all, so apologise if this seems a very simple explanation! This is just what Dodo told me they did in "simple terms" after they investigated the issue for a few days and tried a few other options that didn't work.
  6. Howdy Fellow Dirtriderz! Just an FYI post guys, I have been off the radar a bit lately and off the bike for a few months due to a niggly injury that just isn't getting better. Unfortunately it will likely be 6-12 months or so until I can consider riding or posting rides again out Tallarook. Until then ride safe and catch you all again sometime in the new year hopefully! 🤘😃
  7. Hoodie's are awesome, thanks Geoff [emoji846]
  8. This is exactly why so many ride with the same mates each week. One rider with a negative or selfish attitude can change the whole experience for everyone! Great vid to raise self awareness [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] Trailbike riding is not as self centred as some may beleive [emoji6]
  9. Will let you know when we get them in the post [emoji6]
  10. Much prefer the skins myself over the thermals also. Thermals just get too hot, skins wick the sweat away and don't leave you feeling wet (unless you take them off and put the back on).
  11. Quoted from Tim Coleman's FB Page Finally after 60 days I am out! Many mixed emotions leaving the amazing team at Gold Coast Hospital, absolute life savers! Can’t thank them enough for all they have done. Ina Coleman and myself are now taking a week out to travel back home to unwind and recharge. It is still going to take some time with recovery but ready for the next chapter! Thanks again to everyone for all the support [emoji120] ...
  12. Happily give the occasional small donation to help out 😉
  13. Great vid & Happy Birthday for today [emoji6]
  14. Yeah, it would be a great loop for a level 2 ride and probably ended up being a level 2 ride as most the riders that showed up, were level 2+ riders anyway, hence the actual riding pace was up. The last 2 rides we did out Talla were level 1+ with a more relaxed pace, with more open stuff and some technical tracks for challenges and we attracted quiet a few newer riders. The feedback I got from those rides was that some of them wanted a bit more of a challenge, hence why we threw this ride up with some more technical tracks and hills. Alas, we didn't get the same crowd and ended up with higher level riders on the day. Not that I'm complaining at all, the day was loads of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it, but unintentionally the lower level riders that did join us may have felt a bit of pressure because the pace had stepped up a level. I can't control the pack though, I can only lead the way [emoji6] In saying that, everyone got through it all and there was smiles all around at the end. On a positive note, as someone said to me on the day, the only way to improve your riding and learn to ride faster is to ride with those who are faster and more experienced than yourself. Stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to improve. On the other note, unfortunately we can't help break downs, just a part of riding, hence the adjustments in the loop to shorten it up a bit. Much appreciate the feedback though. It's always helpful to hear the good and the bad of the day as a lead rider. Until next time [emoji12][emoji869]
  15. I didn't get alot of pics, mainly at our first break ontop of Tehans 4. The dusty conditons meant for a few less breaks than usual to try and keep the group moving and spread apart on the trails, so I hope I didn't wear anyone out too much. You all did fantastic! Big thanks to everyone again .
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