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  1. What was your first motorbike ? Pics would be a bonus.
  2. Had a stegpegz voucher left over from the weekender..... Going to run a comp for the best ride report. Will let it run for a month and then call the winner ( the best ride report will be voted by mods & admins ) Cheers
  3. Geoffro

    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    Anymore pics or vid from the weekender peeps ??? For those who have not yet posted up a ride report, there is still a chance to win a set of Stegpegz
  4. Geoffro

    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    I have been asked to get some more annual weekender t shirts made up. I will be placing an order tomorrow, Please let me know by the end of today if you would like to order one. Payment will also need to be made asap. Cheers
  5. Hi guys and girls. Welcome to DirtriderZ, please feel free to post your pics, vids and contribute to the forums, as its your contributions that help make this forum what it is Post up and say hello, introduce yourself and tell us what you ride and where you are from etc Here is a link that tells you how to get your free dirtriderZ stickers, Enjoy your stay, and look forward to seeing you on the trails, From all of us here at dirtriderZ
  6. Geoffro

    Dartmouth 2 day

    Not good to hear! One positive, he will have all the medical contacts, Will give you a call during the week Rus.
  7. Geoffro

    Dirtriderz favourite recipes

    Had a recipe/camping section. Was never posted in, waste of time.
  8. Evening all, Due to life getting in the way, i have cut it very fine to get this years annual shirts done in time. Long story short, the printer needs the order in by the 17th, which literally leaves us 4 days.... I will put up a mock as soon as possible, this years shirts will be Purple with White print ( as most know, we do a different colour every year ) They will also be a different brand ( great quality ) so please be sure to check the size chart out and measure armpit to armpit. The shirts will be $35 each. plus postage for those who cannot make it. There are both guys and ladies shirts, kids, and infants lets get partners, daughters etc reppin the shirts this summer. This is not an E.O.I, this is the actual order, please place your order and sort payment before the 17th Sep to avoid missing out. Cheers List : Baz450 - x1 kids 14, x1, XL ** PAID ** Yatesy - x1, Large ** PAID ** Sheeny - x1, Large ** PAID ** Efraim - x1, XL ** PAID ** Noodles - x1, Large **PAID ** KTMshane - x1, 3XL, x1, Ladies 12 ** PAID ** Eggcr500 - x1, Large, x1, Ladies 12 ** PAID ** Andy350 - x1, Large ** PAID ** Trailz - x1, kids 8, x1, kids 10, x1, Medium ** PAID ** Mario Topline - x1, Large ** PAID ** Glenncr - x1, XL ** PAID ** Geoffro - x2, 2XL, x1, 3XL, x1 Ladies 16 ** PAID ** Maccastrewth - x1, Large ** PAID ** Woodsy300 - x1, XL Odie - x1, Medium ** PAID ** Eagle - x1, Medium ** PAID ** Missmudd - x1, Ladies 14 ** PAID ** Poor Bastard - x1, XL ** PAID ** Fletch - x1, XL ** PAID ** Marc64 - x1, XL ** PAID ** Geoffyboy - x1, 2XL, x1 Ladies 16 ** PAID ** Ianm - x1, XL ** PAID ** Felroy - x1, XL, x1 Ladies 20 1800Drew - x1, XL ** PAID ** Ouzo - x1, XL ** PAID ** P Bear - x1, XL ** PAID ** Biggie - x1, 2XL ** PAID **
  9. Geoffro

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    There were others who have asked for a shirt too, Please post up to avoid missing out Cheers
  10. Geoffro

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    Hey mate, You sure can, and yup hoodies are still available
  11. Hey peeps, New batch of stickers have arrived....they are all one size 150x50 and are available and white and black... If you would like some, simply shoot me a pm with your complete postal details ( that includes post code, i am getting a lot of people not leaving their name or post cose ) Alternatively these stickers will be available on most Dirtriderz rides and various social events... Cheers
  12. Geoffro

    FREE dirtriderZ Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes mate, Inbox me your name and postal addy Cheers
  13. Geoffro

    New Member

    Welcome aboard Geoff! Glad you enjoyed the annual weekend mate.