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  1. Anyone in the middle of a resto? Or recently completed one? Show us some pics
  2. Happy Birthday Mr Arbo! Hope you have a good one mate!!
  3. 40+ new members in the last few weeks, Just wanted to say welcome to all, and enjoy the forum. Cheers
  4. Welcome aboard Justin! Nice work paying it forward with the long range tank man!
  5. Yes mate, Only shitty thing is, they are the exact same price as the adult stuff
  6. Best i get a list happening, as the printer needs a minimum of 30 hoodies to get an order happening. Thank you to all that have chimed in so far and keen to get some merch
  7. I have been in contact with some of the tech people at tapatalk over the last few days, They have confirmed the issues, and will have them all sorted in time for the next update.... I think it is mainly affecting Samsung Android phones at the moment... Still not having any joy with my S9
  8. I will have more info during the week guys, Sizing, colours, styles etc etc I am also going to donate $5 from every order made, to Beyond Blue
  9. Good suggestion. We usually do this every so often, has been a while though..
  10. Hi all, Have had some interest lately for some Winter merch, hoodies and beanies... Please post up and express your interest. I will post some more info on the above when we get enough interest. Thanks all, have a cracker weekend.
  11. Got this today, should be all good soon, Hi Thank you for the screenshots. The updated Android Tapatalk 8.3 is in stage release. If your user hasn't seen this update yet, it's because the phased release has not hit his/her account yet. It should in the next couple of days. As soon as your user updates the App to 8.3. The problem will be resolved. Tapatalk Support Team
  12. Big Happy Birthday to Geoffyboy!! This man has helped out hugely on here over the years! Hope you have a cracking day, having bday drinks with the Queen....
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