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  1. Summer merchandise

    What colour mate ?
  2. Summer merchandise

    Make them pink then please! The closest to Pink is a colour called "Heather Red" most of the girls are getting them You happy to go for that colour? there is a pic in the first post..
  3. Summer merchandise

    Make the singlets black (pink writing) and a black cap for Felroy! Black singlets are going to have Teal print like the annual shirts
  4. Summer merchandise

    Updated the list, We now have a enough for a singlet order, just need a bit more interest in the bucket hats and caps lol
  5. Summer merchandise

    Thanks for the merch orders so far guys, The singlets are going along nicely, just a bit slow with the bucket hats and caps, I will place an order as soon as we hit the minimum order target
  6. Summer merchandise

    Colours ???
  7. Depression

    Sorry to hear Heids! Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Summer merchandise

    Both items White mate ?
  9. Summer merchandise

    What size bucket hat Cam? and what colour stripe bud ?
  10. Summer merchandise

    Only doing singlets for now mate
  11. 2017 - 8th Annual Weekender - With footage

    Awesome ride report Dusty!!
  12. Summer merchandise

    First post updated guys
  13. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Angelena, and to Tazzy up in the sky
  14. As requested - Another Annual shirt order

    We are about 4 shirts off having enough to place an order, Anyone else possibly interested in one ?