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  1. Does dirtriderz have access to good pricing on tires anywhere?



  2. Yes mate, 250 also, and a 125 that's about half way along
  3. So the above pics were of the bikes when not complete. Here are some updated pics. And a pic if one of the 500's from the day i bought it
  4. Happy Birthday KTM Shane, hope you have a good one mate!!
  5. Good evening guys, PLEASE double check your orders in the first post of this thread. Make sure all sizes, colours, quantities are correct. As once i place the order, its too late. Thanks for your support, will keep you posted with ETA and the donation from every hoodie to Beyond Blue Cheers
  6. Updated list, Thank you to all who completed orders and got payments sorted today. Much appreciated
  7. Hi mate, I have sent you a pm with details, Cheers
  8. Massive Thank you to all who have purchased a hoodie or hoodies!!!!!! A, it supports the forum. B, we will be donating money to Beyond Blue, Really appreciate it guys. Shame a few more don't get behind it, but ya get that............
  9. If i wasn't overweight, unfit, unmotivated etc etc etc. I would have almost thought i was there, after reading all of that. Best ride report i have read in a long time. Thanks for sharing and for the pics!!!! Kudos to all involved, legends!
  10. Morning peeps, I have updated first post with who has paid, and peoples orders etc. Please get payments in by Thursday, as order is getting placed Friday morning. And please double check i have your order correct. Thanks heaps all
  11. First post has been updated, Guys, please add all info, colour, size,quantity, zip/no zip etc.... Please read all info properly, as there are no refunds Zipped hoodies only come in Black or Navy All payments needed asap, don't miss the boat. Thanks all!!
  12. Hi mate, They are $60 each and postage for 2 will be $14 Cheers
  13. Hi guys, We have people wanting the same hoodies as the previous order, and some wanting hoodies with zips.. So there will be 2 different brands, to cater for this, both of the same quality... Here is the link to the same ones ( JB wear ) as last time, with colour options and size chart, https://www.jbswear.com.au/product-detail/-in-product/3CFH And here is the link to the ones with full zip ( Winning Spirit ) Please keep in mind that the zip hoodies only come and Black or Navy http://www.winningspiritonline.com.au/winning-spirit-mens-full-zip-fleecy-hoodie-fl03-fl03-winning-spirit?search=fl03 We will be going with a White print on the back of the hoodies, so Grey is pretty much the only colour that is out of the question. Will need orders and payments ASAP guys, to be sure to get this order done quick. Cheers
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