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  1. PAYMENT FOR HOODIES ARE NEW DUE, PLEASE INBOX ME IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PAYMENT DETAILS... THE SOONER WAY PAY, THE SOONER I CAN PLACE THE ORDER CHEERS GUYS This order is now going ahead, ** PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK THE LIST TO SEE IF I HAVE YOUR ORDER DOWN CORRECTLY** ALSO, COLOUR OPTIONS VARY FROM ZIP TO NO ZIP STYLE HOODIES.... Can people please post up and express interest, and let us know if your keen on a hoodie or shirt, or both. Prices will continue to stay the same, hoodies $50 each, plus postage - $8 for small/light items, $15 for bigger packages... Once we get an idea on numbers, i will post up the finer details. Its neither a necessity, or compulsory to purchase merchandise, but it would be a nice change to see some other people chip in and rep a shirt or hoodie, instead of the same people every year. Thanks guys P.S They will have our dirtriderZ logo on the front breast ( small logo ) and big logo down the sleeve and across the back of the hoodies at the bottom. List so far, Tingles - x1 Light Blue, Medium no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Benrmz450 - x1 Black, XL **PAID** POSTED!! Kossy - x1 Dark Heather, Large, x1 Indigo Blue, Medium **PAID** POSTED!! Coggs - x2 Black, 2XL no zip **PAID** Kingdavey - x1 Purple, XL no zip, x1 Black, 2XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Husky310 - x1 Navy, Large no zip **PAID** Trailz - x1 Navy, Medium **PAID** POSTED!! Pickers - x1 Black, XL **PAID** Noodles - x1 Dark Chocolate, XL **PAID** POSTED!! Travla82 - x1 Black, Large **PAID** Cobraone - x1 Navy, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Rwcfrank - x1 Black, 2XL no zip **PAID** Petern - x1 Black, XL **PAID** Missmudd - x1 Navy, Medium **PAID** Nickg450 - x1 Navy, 2XL no zip **PAID** Ktm-sean - x1 Black, XL no zip, x1 Dark Heather, XL no zip **PAID** Burnzie - x2 Black, XL no zip **PAID** Mick - x1 Dark Heather, XL no zip, x1 Black, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Efraim - x1 Sports Grey, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Andy350 - x1 Black, Large no zip **PAID** 5thatride - x1 Black, 3XL no zip **PAID** Yz250wr - x1 Black, Small no zip **PAID** Geoffro - x1 Navy, 2XL, x1 Black, Large, x1 Sports Grey, 2XL no zip, x1 Large, Sports Grey, x1 Navy, 2XL no zip **PAID** Eggcr500 - x1 Sports Grey, XL, x1 Red, Medium **PAID** Ktmshane - x1 Black, 2XL **PAID** POSTED!! Bikerbiker - x1 Royal Blue, Large **PAID** Greasa - x1 Black, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Bazza426 - x1 Black, Large no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Dirt Girlie - x2 Black, XL no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Crfadam - x1 Sports Grey, Medium no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Mario Topline - x1 Black, Large **PAID** POSTED!! Braddles - x1 Navy, Large **PAID** Dazman - x1 Royal Blue, XL no zip **PAID** Linny - x1 Purple, Small no zip, x1 Black, Large no zip **PAID** POSTED!! Yates - x1 Black, XL no zip **PAID** Lindon - x1 Black, 3XL no zip **PAID** Macka040872 - x1 Navy, 2XL no zip **PAID**