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  1. Old member returning

    Your old account is still there, now to choose which one you want to keep
  2. Who Havn't You Seen On Here In A Long Time ?

    That is and has always been the case mate
  3. Who Havn't You Seen On Here In A Long Time ?

    Really ? The joys of facebook groups, and people that only use the forum to pm private rides...
  4. Marko's Marauders Maul Spring Hill 14/4

    Grouse pics as always Marko
  5. Welcome aboard mate! Good to catch up after a lazy 30 years...
  6. iPad / tablet optimised

    We have updated the custom skin to the latest version, Could those who were having issues via tablets etc, please let us know if its any better now ?
  7. Hi mate, welcome to the forum, sadly most of these have gone, But i still have other style ones left, shoot me a pm with your name and postal details, and ill get some out to you Cheers, Geoffro
  8. Wombat L1+

    First time on the bike for me for a while, so perfect ride to ease back into it. We were all geared up and ready to roll at 9am, and were off.. Thanks Andy350 for putting your hand up to lead mate. Thanks to BearMX for sweeping. Thanks to IanM for swapping bikes and letting me ride the Sherco 3002T Was a great group of guys to ride with, Nice also to meet Andy350, Barclay, Ithumper, Scott, StephenV, Justforfun, and catch up with the other familiar faces.. Cheers
  9. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Thanks boys
  10. iPad / tablet optimised

    What is the banner issue mate? I have never viewed the forum via a tablet
  11. iPad / tablet optimised

    Also keep in mind, that unless we are made aware of certain issues, we may be totally oblivious to it happening!
  12. OK, ill be honest, i forgot all about this comp, It was actually pretty quiet, so in fairness, it was never near the top in "new content" The lucky winner is Lindon!!! Will pm you mate, well done Cheers!!
  13. The Shannons Broadford Bike Bonanza is taking place this Friday to Sunday! Who is making the trek down to the Broadford State Motorcycle Sports Complex?