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  1. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Would be cool to be able to something for you boys, Something custom, like jersey's or sticker kits.......... Kudos for giving it a crack boys!! Epic
  2. Resto

    By hand, with a scouring pad
  3. Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Kingdavey! have a good one mate!
  4. Highly recommend Chads Offroad Setups, He is also a forum sponsor and offers a dirtriderZ member discount.
  5. Wheel Tru-er recommendations

    Hey Mate, If you end up needing wheel work done, this is your man, very reasonably priced also Mention your a dirtriderZ member
  6. Wishing each and every one on here a very happy, healthy and safe 2018 Thanks truck loads for the support, contributions and for being a great bunch of members who make this community what it is. Bring on all the 2018 has to offer!! Cheers, Geoffro
  7. Anyone keen for a ride tomorrow?

    Welcome aboard Failtrial!! As Petev said mate, when posting up looking for a ride, whack it in the "organised rides" sub forum And try give people as much info as possible bud, like ride level, etc etc etc Cheers
  8. Summer merchandise

    Your very welcome guys!! Thanks for the thank yous If for some strange reason, someone has not yet received their goodies, shoot me a pm, as i have a list of tracking numbers!!! Cheers
  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year

    Hope everyone had a good one ?!?!?!
  10. Hi all, Would like to wish everyone a very safe and merry christmas, And hope you all have an even bigger and better new year! From the mods, admins and myself. Cheers