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  1. For those that might want to grab a copy. There is a cool write up from the Black Dog ride earlier this year in the latest Dirt Action mag. It went on sale on the 16th, so should be in most newsagents by now. Cheers
  2. Welcome back mate! what was your old user name? i will merge the both into one. Cheers
  3. Fair effort! Good luck with it all. Nice one to be able to tick off the bucket list.
  4. Happy Birthday @egg cr500 have a good one mate!!!!!!
  5. Yeah sorry mate, i am usually good with faces, but had no idea..
  6. How many people have actually spotted the chat window at the top of page ( on pc or ipad ) ??
  7. Wow! apologies for my big boof head being so close up, not sure why its like that....
  8. And the winner is.......... @Andy350! Congrats man. Thank you to all those that went to the effort of entering. 20210819_084229_124366385541122.mp4
  9. Wow! 4 people have had a crack at this comp... bit disappointing....
  10. Bump!! This comp will be drawn in a couple of days time.
  11. Markdown sale ends this Sunday at midnight. Save BIG on Luggage, Jerseys, Pants, Gloves, Off Road Helmets, Goggles, Protection and more! Click here
  12. Welcome aboard mate!!
  13. OK, This is the last time i will be posting up about this. We have been mucked around majorly by the printers! Some people are still waiting on their merchandise that they should have well and truely received by now. This is only certain orders, that were posted out directly by the printers and not myself... I will be cutting all ties with the current printers very soon, So i need to know if there is anyone else apart from @Burnzie @macca and @farnsy that are still without their merch ????? Thanks heaps, and apologies for all of the posts regarding this.
  14. Is there anyone that still has not yet received their shirt or hoodie ??? Please let me know ASAP Thanks
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