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  1. Please feel free to add to this thread. Various pics from the last 10 years of Annual Weekenders... Plenty of awesome memories!!
  2. Both shirt and singlet orders have been placed. Seriously, thank you to all those who purchased merch and supported the forum. Really appreciate it. Cheers, Geoffro
  3. Hey guys, Could those who have not yet paid for their shirts, do so please? I am ready to place the order Thanks heaps, Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I had a good chat with the owner of Warragul Rocks, Tallarook this afternoon. Most of you will know the above as the lookout often frequented on Tallarook rides... Please not that it is PRIVATE PROPERTY!! The owner has owned 400 acres of property in and around the area for almost 20 years, and is fed up with people treating it like public land... He made mention of fences being cut over the years, tracks cut in ( which creates more traffic ) rubbish being left behind etc etc... The guy was not angry and does not hold a grudge, and wanted me to be clear on that, but he said he was disappointed, as he has gone to a lot of effort to fence areas off, and mostly put "private property" signs up everywhere ( which were also spotted in the ride report video ) The owner bought the property mainly for hunting, and often worries about being out there having a shot on the weekends knowing there is a chance he is not alone on his on privately owned property. If you, or anybody you know rides Tallarook, could you please spread the word about the above. Please remember, this is not a dig at anyone, just a request from a good bloke named Ron Thanks in advance
  5. Hahaha not at all mate, We need a minimum order of 100, and we are at about 70 i reckon
  6. Hi mate, Long time no see, hope your well.
  7. As for the small sizing in the females fitted v neck shirts, The printers recommended getting the girls to measure up and double check the size chart in the first post, or if want a more relaxed fit, go a mens size, which quite often most of the females do anyway
  8. Hi guys, We are still a little off from hitting our quota for minimum order. The printers have said we can mix it up to reach the numbers, by ordered some singlets also. If you would like to grab a singlet, please go to the link below. Much appreciated, https://www.dirtriderz.com/topic/17592-singlet-order/
  9. Geoffro

    Singlet order

    Hi all, We are doing a singlet order, wont be a big order, we just need to get the numbers up for the shirt order. The printer said we can do singlets and shirts to get the minimum order quota.. The logo will be the same as the t shirts, they will also be Winning Spirit, premium quality, They are $35 each, and $8 postage, or can throw in with your t shirt if you have ordered one. They will come in either Black or White.. As a bit of a sweetener, i will throw in a new embroidered dirtriderZ beanie, for the next 5 people who order a singlet or a t shirt. Eggcr500 - x1 White Large Geoffro - x1 Black XL, x1 Black 3XL, x1 White 3XL PAID Dalesween - x1 Black 3XL PAID Wishy - x1 Black 3XL PAID Habs - x7 Black XL PAID Andy350 - x1 Black Large PAID MrNoodle - x1 Black XL Ktmshane - x1 Black 3XL PAID Missmudd - x1 Black Medium PAID Brucektmguy - x1 White Medium, x1 White Large Shawn - x1 Black XL, x1 White XL
  10. This was a very tough call! As there were so many awesome ride reports. We ended up narrowing it down to about 4, but there can only be one winner, and that winner is, Cruiser!!! Congrats! and a Massive thank you to everybody else for the awesome write ups and pics etc..
  11. Keep the ride reports coming guys, In a week from now, someone from this ride report will win a Topline seat cover
  12. First post updated, Thank you for all the payments Its not too late to order a shirt peeps, we are still 30 shirts off before we can place the order Cheers
  13. Awesome! That takes it to 60 shirts Getting there.
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