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  1. Sorry guys, All beanies have been sold, last few via the facebook page. I will get some more done.
  2. x2 Black beanies and x3 Grey beanies left in stock.
  3. Bump! Can fit a beanie and a set of fender decals in envelope for $32 posted to you, BARGAIN!!!
  4. Bump! Can fit a set of fender decals and a beanie in envelope for $32 posted to you, BARGAIN!!!
  5. Last minute sticker mail out, Posting out stickers tomoz. If you would like a few for your bike, car, trailer Or lead rides, and would like a few to give out on rides. Shoot me a pm with your postal details Cheers
  6. Evening all, This is just a real quick post to say a HUGE THANK YOU. To those who have purchased dirtriderZ Merchandise. As far as merch goes, i love the stickers, but as far as shirts, hoodies, jackets etc go, sometimes its more trouble than what its worth, with associated costs, minimum orders, mistakes with orders etc etc Its very humbling to know people enjoy the forum, and get enough out of it as a platform that they are happy to purchase merch and throw their support behind "our forum" There is also very little in it, by the time you add in GST, shipping, artwork set up fees etc etc, It means more to me that members are wearing our brand, and quality garments that last over time. Than making a couple of bucks at the end of it all. Getting messages from members reppin their merch, or telling me how happy they are with what they have purchased is priceless, and that kind of satisfaction cannot be bought! So, thank you all, you are legends!!!! 🙏👊
  7. Just noticed we have had 50 new members join this month. Welcome aboard to you all 👊
  8. Have sent you a pm with payment details mate
  9. Have sent you a pm with pay ment details mate
  10. Geoffro


    A mate of mine spotted this yesterday morning in Heidelberg Any one on here ?
  11. Glad your happy with it mate! Beanies have been flying out the door this week [emoji106]
  12. Notifications can be changed very easily in your settings mate
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