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  1. Geoffro

    What State, Suburb is everybody from ???

    What about all of our ( non Vic ) interstate members, where are you all from ??
  2. Hi all, We have had a lot of new members join since the last time we ran a thread like this... Just trying to get an idea where everybody is from?! A lot of people still put down Australia as their location, it would be cool if people could narrow it down a bit, as it would come in handy when posting up rides and also for letting possible future sponsors know we have members in their area.. Cheers
  3. Geoffro

    Advice for a beginner

    Welcome aboard mate That is a decent scar, and decent screw job... Best of luck with the recovery and your goals
  4. Geoffro

    Torpedo 7 moving back to NZ

    Thought Torpedo7 was/has always been in NZ ? They were once a forum sponsor, and i only ever had NZ contacts for those who i dealt with ...
  5. We are currently searching for the following, A suspension tuner - to sponsor the forum. A printer - for all merchandise needs A KTM dealer to sponsor the forum. If you have any leads, are someone, or know of someone, please tag them in this, or message us via the forum Cheers
  6. Geoffro

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

    Guys/Girls, Please read the 2nd post and check the list to see if the number you want has not yet been picked by someone else, it will make things heaps easier, cheers
  7. Geoffro

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

    482 is already taken mate, take another guess
  8. Geoffro

    Collar bone 2019

    Hi mate, You may have to post up more info, for those who have no idea what "collar bone 2019" is
  9. Geoffro

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

    Heya Marj, Facebook is only really to let people know what's happening on here, the forum is where its at. Take another guess
  10. I am just curious to know what do riding levels 1 to 3 mean ?

    1. 2t4me


      have a read of this thread Bravocoy1027


  11. Geoffro

    New rides

    Hey Jarrod, noticed you only joined up today, Have a click on the below link, it will give you a bit of forum info ( including riders being licensed and registered for forum rides.. Cheers
  12. Geoffro

    New to the group

    Welcome mate, It looks like you may have joined via facebook, hence the user name being your whole name, probably not ideal on a public internet forum bud, inbox with a nick name/ user name, and i will happily change it for you. Cheers
  13. Geoffro

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Feels weird posting up about hoodies when its 37' outside. I have a couple of hoodies that have just made it to me after being on a massive back order. If you are one of the people still waiting on one from the last order, please shoot me a pm and i will get them out in the post ASAP. Cheers