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  1. Spent many a weekend at Lavo track back in the day, and to see this today, was awesome!!!!!!! https://apps.infinitee.software:45000/
  2. Bump! now its daylight savings, we may as well kick this comp off again for a bit of fun.... Last challenge still stands, "Your bike out the front of a Police Station"
  3. As per title, Show us your riding pics with a view 🤜 🤙
  4. Welcome Jo, How did you hear about dirtriderZ ?
  5. You managed to get your license pretty quick...
  6. All great tracks mentioned above! Miss Jamo!!!!!
  7. How many out there stopped for fuel here when it was open ??
  8. Bump! If anyone notices theirs is wrong, please inbox a mod or admin. We will sort it
  9. Sure is mate! I posted one out to you today 🤜
  10. Ive got some spare brand new mics if you need one
  11. Pm@Pepperjack , pretty sure he knows his way around the Baofeng radio's
  12. Geoffro


    Guilty!Spotto, Gladstone Park Anyone?
  13. Very fine job on the resto mate!!! What's next ???
  14. Mate! very valid point! The disc with the pics on it say "Easter 2006"... hmmm...
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