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  1. Is there anyone that still has not yet received their shirt or hoodie ??? Please let me know ASAP Thanks
  2. Hi team, So it looks like this painful saga with the printers continues. It appears that some members have still not yet received their merchandise. This is not good enough, and i will be chasing it up today. Please let me know ASAP if you have not received your merch yet. Thank you and apologies
  3. Happy Birthday KTM Shane! have a great one mate!!
  4. Time to give away another set of Shinko tyres. All you have to do is post up a pic of yourself, or yourself and others in your dirtriderZ shirts or hoodies. Each member that posts up will have their user name go into a bucket, and we will pull out one lucky winner ( done on video ) This comp starts today, and will be drawn in a months time. Get posting and good luck
  5. Welcome aboard mate!
  6. So this morning, i was dropping my car off somewhere, and as i was leaving, a bloke yelled out, Geoffro from dirtriderZ... I have met this bloke some time back, but did not recognize him this morning. Apologies ( Steve ) Have you ever bumped into a dirtriderZ member somewhere ?????????
  7. Hey all T shirts that were on back order, and the replacement ones with the "stamp logo" were sent out on Friday, sincere apologies about the long wait and the stuff up. Cheers
  8. Hey, Hoodies that were on back order were sent out on Friday, sincere apologies about the long wait. Cheers
  9. @Burnzie Nice work @Macka040872 You the man!
  10. Not sure to be honest, its out of my league, i will take some looking into
  11. @Tracey Pepstar are you able to help @Robbie G with you some advice on how you sorted it please ?
  12. We have a write up about the Black Dog fundraiser in the latest edition of ADB mag, The article was written by Andy350 himself, but they somehow forgot to mention that, they have let me know that they will mention their stuff up and give Andy a yell in the next issue of ADB Nice work @Andy350
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