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  1. What are the new owners of the Woods Point Pub like ???
  2. Your a legend Rands!! Nice work putting the ride/weekend on!!!!
  3. Welcome aboard mate! Nice user name
  4. DAKAR 2021 – Stage 3 “I’m just on my dirt bike.” Is how Skyler Howes describes taking the overall lead of Dakar 2021 while Australian Toby Price put the challenge of stage 2 behind him and the two-time Dakar champion was out to prove he’s not here to play in the sand. The 403-kilometre special was a loop from Wadi Ad-Dawasir and back, including a 227km liaison, that would test the riders and ensure, as Price put it after stage 1, that things would be shaken up. The KTM rider set about making up his deficit from the previous day to pass the
  5. This just in from ADB Columnist @danielsanders_11 #Repost @danielsanders_11 with @get_repost ・・・ Day 3.. I placed 8th and I’m currently sitting 16th overall. Really tricky notes again this morning losing a bunch of time. I didn’t find a good rhythm until the halfway mark. I finished strong and look to start well tomorrow with a long day ahead, a total of 813km only “377km” is the timed stage. The longest stage for the race.
  6. Would just like to wish everyone a very happy and safe 2021. Take care, and enjoy! Cheers 🍻
  7. I too would like to wish all dirtriderZ members a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year. On behalf of the Mods and Admins, we would like to also thanks everyone for their support and making our community what it is. Cheers
  8. Hey all, This is a bit of a social media request. Not sure how many #insta people we have on here, but am hoping if there are, they wouldn't mind tagging/mentioning dirtriderZ in their riding pics ?! I am far from clued on with Instagram, but i think all that needs to be done is either @dirtriderz and/or #dirtriderz Our dirtriderZ Insta page is, Thanks heaps much appreciated.
  9. Great write up and review mate! [emoji109]
  10. Hey Ads, Can totally relate to your above post mate! I am by no means an expert, but a lot of the above are classic symptoms of anxiety/depression.. And i can personally vouch for that. I will sit back and and eagerly await to see what others have to contribute.. Have you every thought about having a chat to your GP mate ?