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  1. Geoffro

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Hi Odie, What size mate ? Cheers
  2. Geoffro

    Rmx250 identification

    If you have the engine, check the engine number, The front and rear guards, and possibly the seat, look like they might suit another model..
  3. Geoffro

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Have now taken the E.O.I option away. As this order will be going ahead either way. Please post up to place your order. Payment will be needed after order is placed. Cheers, and Thank you for supporting our forum. Evening all, Will be getting some hoodies done very soon. We are going with a different hoodie this year with a larger variety of sizes, colours etc.. At this stage the chicks hoodies seem to be Pink as seen in pic, or Navy, Black, but i will confirm tomorrow. I have it on good mail, that these hoodies are comfy as, and also wash and wear really well. They will have the usual dirtriderZ logo on the front left, and a big logo running down the whole sleeve. They will be $60 each, plus postage. i will be getting an order together sooner than later. Cheers Dirtriderz Hoody Colour Combo Size Quantity Paid p-edge Gunmetal/Aqua L 1 xcfw Gunmetal/Orange L 1 Efraim Gunmetal/Aqua L 1 Wishy Gunmetal/Orange 2XL 1 Gunmetal/Orange S 1 Woodsy300 Black/Orange XL 1 Bear Black/Orange L 1 LucasB Gunmetal/Orange XXL 1 kingdavey Black/Orange XL 1 Baz450 Gunmetal/Orange XL 1 Marle/Black XL 1 Lindon Gunmetal/Orange 2XL 1 Arbo Gunmetal/Aqua 3XL 1 Gunmetal/Red L 1 Gunmetal/Red 14 1 Odie Gunmetal/Red 1 AT84 Black/Aqua L 1 ScOtTTy Black/Orange 2XL 1 Marko Fe250 Black/Orange L 1 cruiser Black/Pea Green L 1 farnsy Black/Aqua M 1 Black/Light Blue L 1 Black/Light Blue 2XL 1 Gunmetal/Aqua L 1 Gunmetal/Aua XL 1 Black/Orange 2XL 1 FarmerBrown Gunmetal/Orange L 1 99Percent Black/Orange M 1 Trailz Marble/Black M 1 Black/Orange M 1 coqqs Gunmetal/Aqua 2XL 1 Black/Orange 2XL 1 brucektmguy Grey/Orange XL 1 berg.300simmo Black/Aqua 2XL 1
  4. Geoffro

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Shane'O, have a great one mate!!
  5. Geoffro


    Haha cool! you should have used your old account... Got the dirtriderZ annual weekender coming up in October, there will be some other female members riding over that weekend.. You licensed and registered these days ?
  6. Geoffro


    Welcome Kate! Weren't you on here years ago ? Cheers, Geoffro
  7. Geoffro

    Wet Wombat L2 14/7

    Nice work Andy!! Sounds like a good day had! Grouse ride reports and pics so far!!
  8. Geoffro

    Willmax graphics

    And mention your a dirtriderZ member for a discount
  9. This thread has ran its race. And to be honest, i have no interest in "random people" registering up on here, just to have their say, and to never contribute to the forum again after that. The thread has done a full circle, just a heads up, it is now locked and wont be going around for a second loop..
  10. Anywayyyyy, As much as yesterdays and last nights banter is funny to read, the actual thread is going nowhere, as IMO everything that needed to be revealed, has been.... As for the couple of new random member who joined up last night with the only intention of backing the person involved, all you have done is made it all look even more suss, and as Cruiser has mentioned, it will not soften the above blows one bit.
  11. Geoffro

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Dazzrmx! have a good one mate!
  12. Geoffro

    Dry July

    Anyone else on here doing Dry July ? Done it the last couple of years, good to raise a few bucks, and good to have a month off the sauce
  13. Geoffro


    Best i start looking into this me thinks...
  14. Geoffro


    Hi mate, Clean out of hoodies, but have been giving some new ones some thought
  15. Geoffro

    Lvl 3 rides

    Are you asking a serious question? or just having a pot shot at mods/admins, who were clearly the ones not happy with the change at the time ?