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  1. Hi mate, You sure can, please shoot me a message when you can, I sent you a message a few days ago, but you have not seen it yet
  2. For the girls, we are doing Pink shirts with White print. Same size chart as above
  3. Hey guys & girls, We are about to place an order for dirtriderZ tees. We are rolling with 2 different designs, both the original style, and a "one off" new style one for something a bit different. Both designs will come in 6 colours, Black, White, Navy, Red, Dark Heather or Pink as seen in the pics. Please check and confirm sizes via the attached size charts, Please also confirm in your order, if you would like the stamp logo, or original logo style These are quality ultra cotton shirts, not cheap junk. Once we hit the "minimum order" quantity, we will l
  4. OK, poll doesn't seem to work on tapatalk Please post up who your bike is insured with. Cheers
  5. We are on the hunt for a "motorcycle insurance" company, as a forum sponsor. We would like to chase one that is popular amongst you guys/girls, the forum members. Please have a crack at the poll, to help us along
  6. Mate, that was lightening quick payment, will shoot them out in the post today. Cheers
  7. Was not really looking for opinions or responses to be honest. Just got to a point where i have had so much feedback of this happening lately, i felt the need to post up. It is however, good to see the responses
  8. Back by popular demand! These beanies are grouse, toasty as! Do your noggin a favour and grab one, or grab one for the other half as well These are quality beanies, they are lined and all. Come in Black or Dark Grey $22 posted to your door.
  9. A lot of new members have joined in the last few weeks, Feel free to post up peoples, and let us know where your from, what you ride etc etc
  10. Without naming names and rides etc, There were a few people who had themselves down for a ride today, and were a no show. We all know things happen and people have to bail sometimes, But a bit of decency would be nice, just a last minute post, or a pm or something. Its just forum etiquette to let those organising know, as the group sat around waiting for people that were never going to show.... Rant over.
  11. Hello Macka, We plan on definitely having an annual this year mate. I will start chatting to the crew about it and will post something up sooner than later.