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  1. Actually be nice to see heaps of forum members give this one a crack Simply copy and paste the questions, and type your answers beside How many years have you been riding for ? What was your very first bike ? What is your current bike ? Do you have a childhood bike you would like to buy and restore ? ( if yes, what is it ? ) Are you a 2 stroke or 4 stroke person ? Where was your favorite forum ride ? What is your favorite forum memory ? How many years have you been a forum member for ? Have you made any/many good friendships via the forum ? What would you like to see as part of the forum in the future ?
  2. As the topic goes, While we are all locked away at home, lets get some viewing happening..... Show us some riding pics out the front of Country Pubs Cheers
  3. Just Dirt Bikes in Derrimut, Ask for Vince, 9394 1184
  4. Thank you mate, appreciate it [emoji1690]
  5. Fixed your attachment up @ktm shane
  6. Bump!! Anyone keen to smash the new challenge and get the comp cracking again ???
  7. Not wanting to sound like the fun police, but please refrain from posting memes and stuff in this thread... I'm over it already
  8. Hi guys/girls, Just putting it out there, Any interest in a footy tipping comp this year ? Bit of fun, and a few bucks for some lucky person at the end of it..
  9. Firstly, Hope Rob is ok and its nothing too serious. Good write up, and massive kudos to all those involved in the teamwork of yesterdays events. I was told there are already pics circulating on facebook, not ideal, and not sure Rob would be wanting that. Obviously someone that was on the ride, might be worth taking them down...
  10. Sure do, Give Dean from Butlers Hydro blasting a call - 0412085763 He is in Keilor Downs
  11. Any more pics from this ride / weekend ??
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