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  1. This is probably the one and only time each year we as a forum ask for donations. A lot of the guys on here have been busy planning rides etc, and raising coin behind the scenes. Please don't feel like you have to be in attendance to make a donation. Every little bit helps, lets show them the dirt bike community cares and supports such a worthy cause. Please go to the below link, and kick in a few bucks, Thanks in advance
  2. Thought i would share some pics of my 83 KX 250 Complete nut and bolt resto. With majority of genuine NOS parts used.. Will have to look for some "before" pics to go with these "after" pics. Cheers
  3. Thanks Cluffie and Gypsy
  4. Geoffro


    Habs was also spotted in the City this morning, CRFAdam rang me and asked who was in the Black Ranger with big Orange dirtriderZ sticker..
  5. Hey buddy, Hope all is well Might have to look into this Thanks a bunch bloke
  6. What about all of our ( non Vic ) interstate members, where are you all from ??
  7. Hi all, We have had a lot of new members join since the last time we ran a thread like this... Just trying to get an idea where everybody is from?! A lot of people still put down Australia as their location, it would be cool if people could narrow it down a bit, as it would come in handy when posting up rides and also for letting possible future sponsors know we have members in their area.. Cheers
  8. Welcome aboard mate That is a decent scar, and decent screw job... Best of luck with the recovery and your goals
  9. Thought Torpedo7 was/has always been in NZ ? They were once a forum sponsor, and i only ever had NZ contacts for those who i dealt with ...
  10. We are currently searching for the following, A suspension tuner - to sponsor the forum. A printer - for all merchandise needs A KTM dealer to sponsor the forum. If you have any leads, are someone, or know of someone, please tag them in this, or message us via the forum Cheers