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  1. Where have you stuck ya stickers?

    I still have a heap of the large stickers like on the back of Dales Triton above, if anyone would like one, shoot me a pm
  2. Show Us Your Bike

    Hey Gaz, Love it mate! I pretty much locked one in after riding one at the demo day..
  3. 2017 dirtriderZ Annual T Shirt Order

    Updated list in first post
  4. New to the forum

    G'day Tim, welcome aboard mate!
  5. Hi all, Here is a mock of the 2017 annual weekender shirts, It will be as you see it, Black shirts, with Teal print, motif on the front, and sponsors logo's on the back... We are doing both guys shirts and female cut shirts as well, They will be the same price as every other years $35, plus postage if your not attending the weekender. Please post up and express your interest. ( You don't have to be attending the weekender to purchase one ) Grab one for your partner or kids, Below are the size charts for Guys, Girls and kids Cheers!! List: Me - x2, 2XL, x1, Large F **PAID** Habs - x2, XL Biggie - x2, 2XL Andy350 - x1, Large **PAID** 2T4ME - x2, 2XL &Small **PAID** Trailz - x1, Medium Marko_fe250 - x1, Large **PAID** Felroy - x1, XL, x1, XL Female Baz450 - x1, XL Cobraone - x1, Large Haveacrash - x1, Large **PAID** J... - x1, Medium Dan - x1, XL 1800Drew - x1, XL **PAID** Mevstar - x1, Large Angelena - x1, XL Burnzie - x1, Large Urustu - x1, Medium Mario - x2, Large Kossy - x1, Large **PAID** Moo - x1, 2XL **PAID** Sheeny - x2, Large, x1 Small, F Arbo - x1, YM, x1, Large, x1, XL **PAID** Poor Bastard - x1, XL Yatesy - x1, Large LUFC - x1, 2XL **PAID** Missmudd - x1, Large, x1 Medium F, x1 Youth ES Rob v - x1, Large Cluffie - x1, XL Brucektmguy - x1, XL Chad - x1, XL Woodsy300 - x1, XL Efraim - x1, XL **PAID** Scrivo - x1, Large
  6. Anyone getting geed up to go camping this Winter ? Where are people going ?