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  2. @ BIGGIE, thanks! Riding here is quite different. Since Netherlands is mostly flat and majority of trails are made up of sand. So Australia brings a nice change!
  3. hello to everyone ! video from Paggaio mountain at Greece with xt660z you can check my latest video with some photos at the end ,from my last trip. enjoy some nature and top of the mountain at Greece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZtB2Ua8IsU
  4. hello and welcome. how does the riding here compare to back home? looking foward to seeing you on the trailz!
  5. Yep, check to see if the bikes got a KTM or Husqvarna sticker on it
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  7. Does the bike give you any signs beforehand?
  8. My 07/525 had a broken wire in the loom so did my 12/500 the 525 had no E START THE 500 had no power to accessories took me some time to locate them . Iv decided to go with a Quantum pump from the states seem to have a good record plus a life time warranty cheers Craig. Edit I've never done a pump my 12/500 had done 8000 ks but my new bike will be doing more remote riding so I intend to caring a spare pump and relay .
  9. I have heard the same thing can only think it would be because the tailgate obscures the no.plate
  10. have had 3 in a 2010 hilux , 2 will fit but the tailgate has to stay down , and I read somewhere that it is supposedly illegal to drive around with the tailgate down , I never got pulled over though
  11. Just signed up! Keen on getting to know you guys and join some rides! I’m Daniel, originally from the Netherlands but living in Australia for almost a year now. Have been riding 4 strokes for some years. But decided to go for something different now and bought a 2 stroke about a month ago. Did some shorter test rides around Kinglake, Wesburn and Anglesea to get to know the bike. Next would be to join some of the level 2 to 3 rides soon!
  12. Seems like the only option is to find the 'peoples' land to ride on. Thanks All
  13. Other than the 3 listed above (Whittlesea, starglen and stump hill) your only other legal option is to look up AMTRA and see if they are still doing kids ride days - I think they are but not sure.... I believe they are predominantly at a property around Daylesford/spring hill way but also occasionally hold them elsewhere?
  14. Good price on top of the range Hero camera at Good Guys via Ebay. It's a limited edition bundle that includes a decent 30 litre dry bag / back pack. Good guys has it on special at $498 (which is good (cheaper than the new Chinese Osmo camera and line ball with the new Chinese SJCam SJ9 Pro) plus buy it on Ebay now and there's a further %20 off if you quote the coupon! That's $398 if you pick up in there store! On ebay it's listed as NEW GoPro CHDHX-701-BOX Hero7 Black 30L Dry Bag Bundle; seller is The Good Guys
  15. Thanks all: Is there anything closer to Melbourne (east of).
  16. It’s the original factory one,I had an electrical problem that they kept saying fuel pump so I changed it and ended up doing the same thing.ktm Australia got involved and replaced the wiring Lomb and last few wires on removal they found a corroded wire lol
  17. I'll check it out and see how I go otherwise will have to pick up a trailer
  18. I don't have those and it was still very tight!
  19. It's those plastic covers at the front of the tub on either side that make it more narrow that are worrying me but I would imagine it would be a tight fit
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