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  2. Hey DirtriderZ, I recently headed over to Cambodia to ride the Ho Chi Minh trail - this is (almost) Melbourne to Cairns distance through 2 countries, on a KLX250! It was absolutely incredible and bucket list material. Lot's of old blokes on the tour so no excuses for some of you lot As always, I documented it and made a video. This is part one of two, the Cambodian leg. Have started editing Laos now. check it out :
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  4. All good advice but I reckon you can't go past paying the extra coin for a quality set of skf seals I've had them on my berg and in the 5 years I've owned her I've replaced the seals once and I probably clean them about twice a year
  5. Rode down to Mum's place for good Friday... thought..I'll take the big girl and my Ham radio setup. I had a new antenna which I haven't used yet...turns out it works well. For those that are wondering.. it's like old school CB Radio on steroids. I was talking to Aub, his callsign is VK5QD and he's in Mount Compass, SA. 497Km away. We were on 7.130Mhz.. the signals are bouncing off the ionosphere between us. We chatted for a good 45 mins..clear as anything. Love a bit of geek factor on the ADV bike Vid :
  6. This is probably the one and only time each year we as a forum ask for donations. A lot of the guys on here have been busy planning rides etc, and raising coin behind the scenes. Please don't feel like you have to be in attendance to make a donation. Every little bit helps, lets show them the dirt bike community cares and supports such a worthy cause. Please go to the below link, and kick in a few bucks, Thanks in advance
  7. All good mate ,it was had 3 rides ,done 50k of st at green Dale last weekend.oh man it felt good ,I hope we all ride for as long as possible cos it was crap not riding.we will catch up very soon I hope.
  8. Yeah, I do like to ramble hey! Shoulda just said buy a KYB suspended bike (it was my first thought when I read the post). When are we gonna see you on the trails?
  9. Bleed the pressure and run a cut up water bottle in between the seal and fork tube like Bear suggested, YouTube it for tips. I would bleed the air before cleaning so you don't push out too much oil and she'll be right for Monday the good news, it's not the brake side [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Leaking as bad as that a clean won't fix them plus buy your self a seal cleaner very cheap on eBay thay clean both ceal and dust ceal l clean mine at least 2times a year . Plus I cross hatch the legs to get ride of the shine I use a scotch pad but A lot would not agree with that but I'm old school .
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  12. The dreaded WP low tension seal leak. The dust seals and fork guards are crap. May come good with a clean. Clean and wipe the leg down. Drop the dust seal; gently feed a flat blade screwdriver between the dust seal and upper tube and twist the screwdriver to lever the dust seal down a little and work it off. Slide it down the leg and give it a good clean and wipe with a rag. Feed the feeler gauge in between the oil seal and tube and work your way round, withdraw wipe off and repeat. Can also make a more robust easy to handle tool cut from a regular soft drink bottler or buy a tool at a bike shop. My experience though is none of these work well on WP. Feeler gauge worked fine on my KYB forks but I've only had to do that once. With WP it's a lucky dip; I've pulled a WP leaking seal, cleaned it and reinstalled it with Simon's seal grease and not had it leak again. Don't use any solvents on the seals. A rag and paint brush with light oil to clean (auto trans is good) is the go. And wipe down with a clean dry cloth to finish off. Travel the fork a few times a inches and wipe the leg clean plenty of times before you push the dust seal back in. If its not the disc side your pretty right to ride this week end. The actual amount that leaks whilst looking bad is usually very small.
  13. Dammit...oil leaking out of forks ..just slowly. What's the deal.? I will try cleaning them with feeler gauges etc..but I've forgotten what the deal is usually with this situation? Safe to ride this weekend? Or .???
  14. Hi. Been around bikes 40 years now and started getting out the bush again. In the Ballarat area and have a loop that is suited more to my 150. Fairly flowing, a decent pace and lots of fun probably suited to a 2+ rider or 3 but without any killer hills. It's a good 'fitness' ride. Usually 2-2.5 hours total, minimum stops, you'd want a quiet bike and respectfull use of other users a must. 3-5 bikes most. Happy just to do that most weekends or grab some air down at Ride Park on an MXer. Message me if you're interested. May take a while to answer due to work constraints. Cheers Ross.
  15. Spewing i missed the ride Michael,looked like a lotta fun [emoji3]
  16. Yeah, it wasn't actually that bad but was expecting a cruisy L2 ride at most on the day. The rock wall at the top of lookout hill was definitely the toughest thing I've come across on the DRZ; pity the camera wasn't rolling for it.
  17. Looks like an awesum days riding you lucky bast@#%s haha[emoji317]
  18. GoPro 4 onwards seems to do well in dust meaning these cameras (and perhaps the Sony's as well) run a CCD sensor which adjust faster than the older CMOS sensor. Also, GP4 and above can run at higher resolution and frame rates again, better in the dust as the image is clearer - you still need to wipe the lens as it will haze.
  19. I think I know that hill, well done getting up it, if its the same hill its a solid level 3.
  20. I just watched your footage and thought the same mate..I'd like to loan you my go pro to see what difference there is between your ming yang and the go ho. I know trailZ and Andy340s footage always seems to come up well with good audio quality also..what do they run.? GOPRO share price today..$6.71 a go pro, better still, but the company! Product still seems good though
  21. I'm getting a lot of dust on the lens which then produces lots of sun glare and affects the focus. Other than keeping out of the dust and remembering to wipe the dust off anyone got any tips? Anti static treatments? Taping on a shroud?
  22. Little vid of the wee little ride
  23. I guessed it; it'll be great to get him on his own adventure bike and join in on the fun.
  24. Thanks for giving me another burl on the 1200 mate,those boulders are something out of Lord of the Rings. Still reckon my little threefiddy could beat it. NOT.!!!
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