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  2. Mate it was better than my moment just minutes later. when I did the "Exhausted gumby falling over while walking" technique.
  3. Misk

    Sat 30th Kinglake

    Not my finest moment. I thought I didn't have much traction
  4. thats 1 way overπŸ˜‚
  5. Sadly, I had the thing mounted at the wrong angle all day. This was the best I could find.
  6. Today
  7. Definately keen to see some footage, see what you guys get up to
  8. Misk

    Sat 30th Kinglake

    Agreed excellent ride! Thanks for leading Macca and to Rob for sweeping for the day. Was a good ride and I'm hoping some of that GoPro footage might surface soon!
  9. So .... who’s gunna buy a 2020 beta?........................... YEAH !!!!!........................ NUP !!!!
  10. Top effort to all. Was a fun day out. Thanks fellas
  11. Great day had by all big thanks to Macca for leading around his loop . Not to slippery for Kinglake James,Riley,and our Tag along ( Gino )who we found in the car park were all great to ride with Thanks for a good ride fellas Rob πŸ˜•πŸ‘‹πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€›
  12. The guy who owns the property said norm watts cut a heap in with his son
  13. Yesterday
  14. Gee Gembrook is a long way from Ballarat ! There must be some good tracks a lot closer ?
  15. I'm in the Ballarat region but mostly try to get into the trees around Gembrook ECT I like to have a destination point and return when riding it's hard to get an idea for the bushland without tagging along on other rides,I'm always keen on getting out but it has to be a planned trip as i track my bike and try to keep realtime maintenance up to date. It's a hobby I want to continue to learn through out the rest of my life πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™
  16. PeteV

    Mt Cole May 29th

    I almost always cover more ground alone but I prefer not to. Some tracks are bit hairy and I do enjoy the company.
  17. Thats a shame Pete. More fun with others. But Sometimes I find I cover more ground when doing my recy rides solo.
  18. We started with four, By 1130 I was solo after a injured wrist, A damaged/failed rear brake and he being the chauffeur for rider #4 left me hans solo. Next Time! We had a good ride while it lasted and covered a good bit of dirt in the time... about 15km!, I continued on and checked a few thing here and there, All of which were as expected, a few trees down here and there, Its very pretty out there at the moment with all the winter wildflowers in bloom, esp when surrounded by a sea of them! I've cracked the screen on my norm phone so have bought a cheapy to get me by til its fixed, The photos don t do any justice but you get the idea,, I Heres my stats
  19. Do you know monkhouses they made alot the tracks there awesome riding at Valencia creek planning on camping trip when we're allowed.πŸ˜‘
  20. I think it could be the shock absorber or something (no brand on it), as I'm 81Kg fully geared which is right in the middle of the standard spring weight. 75-85Kg I believe is the standard springs weighting.
  21. Apologies, l quoted the wrong figures in my post. Yes you are correct, the race sag the bike off the ground minus you on the bike. The static sag, or free sag is the bike off the ground minus the bike on the ground without rider (AFTER all changes made)...and according to you numbers l still think the spring is too firm.
  22. The measurements on the first page were with the heavy spring in and changes in preload, I've now put the standard rear spring and standard fork springs in. With standard springs after changing spring preload in my measurements were - On stand - 643mm On Ground- 616mm Race sag - 526mm AFAIK the race sag in the book refers to the difference between having the bike on the stand and race sag not the difference between no rider and with a rider?
  23. G'day mate, reading over your thread and the rear sag measurements you had posted, could you tell me what stage were they measured or where there mods like a spring change? Measurement 1: On stand = 650 On Ground = 605 With Rider = 531 *Actual Race sag = 74mm (605-531) **Actual Free/Static sag = 45mm (650-605) Measurement 2: On stand = 647 On Ground = 606 With Rider = 532 *Actual Race sag = 74mm (606-532) **Actual Free/Static sag = 41mm (647-606) Measurement 3: On stand = 643 On Ground = 607 With Rider = 530 *Actual Race sag = 77mm (607-530) **Actual Free/Static sag = 36mm (643-607) Why am l asking? Because is M1 your starting point, then M2 is a change like more preload and M3 is another change in preload and this final. Or did you change a spring in there somewhere? It's important because those numbers indicate that , whilst measurement 3 says too me that the free sag number says the spring rate is about right, M1 and 2 says too me that the spring rate is too firm for you. Of all the measurements, your race sag is just too little which says to me that the rear to way too firm and it doesn't matter if you put Toby Price's forks on your bike, with that little amount of sag, you are changing the geometry of the bike as you are forcing more weight on the front, the bike probably isn't hooking up the best as the power is transferring to the rear too aggressive as the bike wants to force the tyre into the ground, you're feeling every bump, back end skipping and the bike is probably steering too quickly...then you add the changes you have made too the front and the whole bike probably feels too stiff or harsh? I don't know what your rear spring is or how many turns your preload collar is but you should really aim for around 100-120mm of race sag (KTM say 105-115) because the balance of the bike is way off according to the numbers you've shown - if you have the preload collar almost wound out to achieve 110mm sag, then the spring is too firm and the opposite is you've wound down the preload collar almost half way, then the spring is too light (l bet it's too firm). Once you've got a good sag number on the rear, you might have a chance of determining whether the clickers work or not....what type of riding are you doing again? Deleted by me because of brain fade, verbal diarrhoea!!! I'll start again, what changes did you make to acheive M1, M2 and M3 measurements and was M1 the stock setup when you bought? Measurement 1: On stand = 650 On Ground = 605 With Rider = 531 *Actual Race sag = 119mm (650-531) **Actual Free/Static sag = 45mm (650-605) Measurement 2: On stand = 647 On Ground = 606 With Rider = 532 *Actual Race sag = 115mm (647-532) **Actual Free/Static sag = 41mm (647-606) Measurement 3: On stand = 643 On Ground = 607 With Rider = 530 *Actual Race sag = 113mm (643-530) **Actual Free/Static sag = 36mm (643-607) Having revised what l earlier said, your race sag seem to be in the ball park but the free sag indicates that the spring maybe too firm for your weight which can cause the bike to be harsh as the shock is not soaking the bumps with you on it and instead transferring to the chassis.
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  25. Hello my name is Dominic and I live in Melbourne's inner Western Suburbs, I am a level two to level two plus rider.
  26. Must be something about the colour makes people completely in love straight away the orange bikes have never had a special place in my heart πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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