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    it looks like his car and bike, just needs chains for the tie downs!
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    Michael, when did you pick up the new bike?
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  5. My 150xcw has been burning the gear oil out the pipe and also the gear oils has increased and gotten dirty, probably 2stroke mix is also going into the gearbox Could it be anything other than the main seal? I replaced it but because I’m an idiot I tapped it in too far (not flush with the case) which resulted in worse exchange of fluids So I’ve ordered another seal and will install flush. I saw a video where a guy put some lock tight around the edge of the seal, does anyone think it’s a good idea to ensure the seal is sealed around the edge? If there’s anything else I should explore this novice would appreciate the enlightenment Cheers
  6. I’d rather replace a air filter than a engine.
  7. Just remember there is absolutely no need to change your air filter after every ride if there is no or minimal dust. Or you don't ride in big groups, Just use good filter oil (not that spray shit in a can or that no toils stuff) The more you wash your filter the more it breaks down.
  8. Here’s a section of unedited RMX goodness!!!
  9. Still smiling after a long painful day
  10. Sorry dazz I couldn't make it.
  11. THERE WERE NO FAST OLD MEN ON THIS RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. For me it was the First time to the Grampians First time riding sand First time riding with females First time riding 210ks in one day. Big thanks to Macka for putting this weekender on it was a great experience and to top it off it was awesome meeting such nice local people from Horsham. Thanks to the support crew carry the fuel & food. Thanks to the cooks for there fantastic food. Thanks Bill for your help sweeping with me all day top effort mate[emoji106] Super cool effort for the girls aswell & getting up Launders track [emoji106][emoji108] Launders & Carters track got me so excited [emoji1782][emoji1782] How funny is the Grave Digger top bloke [emoji106]
  13. Sweet trails about 90 km of goodness ...Great company fellas everyone rode awesome thanks.. Big thanks to Habs and stef aka the burger with the lot for lead and sweep duties also the fast old man for sweeping the last loop...Will always be on the lookout for another ride up here.
  15. Quick, flowing narrow tracks made for a fun day railing corners on small long berms with the occasional square off, a bit of loose rocky climbing and descending which was probably solid level 2 territory so was pleasantly suprised that all got through. I think it was Bravocoy on the 2nd loop while sweeping that I could'nt help laughing at, swearing at certain more challenging spots, I could hear him over the noise of my engine running, you did well mate. Sorry to hear Pozzan, I dont know how you rode most of the 1st loop in that condition. Lost about half the group for the 2nd loop which was done in reverse, 2 fifty k loops was a good workout for me and was glad I did the second. Thanks Stef, Habs for your efforts, Harry for the beer and all that attended.
  16. Well I think the theme is going to be what a brilliant weekend, to Macca and all the Horsham crew thanks so much for making us all welcome. Gypsy thanks for all the tips and wow we didn’t lose anyone for the weekend impressive. Most of the crew carried spares but the award goes to Bruce as he brought a spare bike and needed it, I have seen blokes who want to stay at a pub never a bike before! Thanks again awesome weekend Bill
  17. Thanks for everyone involved organising the event, awesome weekend! Met some great blokes, will definitely have to do a few more rides on here with ya’s. I think I was the only one to make love to my bike up Launders track Couple of pics I took
  18. Yesterday
  19. Also mate I forgot to say thanks for the post ride Beer!! Awesome Stuff!!
  20. Everything lined up to make it a great weekend away,had the weekend free,awesome crew,great venue and hosts,some rain last week,exceptional weather, good selection of tracks with some excellent scenery and views. Big thanks to Macka for putting "collarbone" on, Gypsy and Bill for sweeping,the vechicle support crew for keeping us topped up with food,fuel and refreshments and servicing the broken down bikes and to all that helped with the saturday night delicious roast,well done. Happy that nobody was injured and that the collarbone trophy didn't add a victim and to see that the riders were well behaved and didn't get to carried away running in such a big pack. Great job with the pics guys.
  21. What a fantastic weekend in the Grampians! Huge thanks to Macka and his crew for hosting. The camping was great, access and the facilities were spot on and the Saturday dinner was a grand slam with a special thanks to Mick (and his partner) for the delicious deserts afterwards. It was a great weekend with not a single hiccup or incident. I rode Friday and Saturday with Saturday’s ride being one of my favorite rides ever. Great group of riders some fast and some even faster[emoji2957] thanks to Bill and Gypsy for sweeping all day, Macka for leading, and I’m especially happy the wheelchair and award can sit for another year. I will be back for sure!
  22. Bugger mate!!! No wonder it hurt!! See you back on a ride when you’re “off the bench!”
  23. What an awesome place to ride! Loved those tracks habs, will defo ride with you there again. My day started at 4:20 when the alarm went off. Had a big night on the whisky so wasnt feeling great, showered and off to pick up Pozzan. Quick stop for some fuel and brekkie in Kilmore before we get to the unload spot. Bout an 1hr and 20 min drive. Hab's car is already there but bike and rider are not. So we unload and before long the others pull up. Now Pozzan is one of my best mates and this is his second bush ride in over 12 years. He is a bit nervous but defo exited at the same time. I took him to Dissa last week and he smashed everything I threw at him (mainly the good stuff through the blue gums, all level 2 stuff) so I knew he wouldnt have a problem with anything we would encounter today if Hab's description is accurate. Quick pre ride chat and we are off. A mere 900m into the ride and I see a bike on the ground. Im tell myself please dont be Pozzan and I look up, on his feet and doubled over in pain is Pozzan. He has hit a rock and high sided! Helmet visor is broken and some deep scratches all over the helmet, jersey is torn in a few spots and so is the pants, gloves have copped a nice hit too!. I pick up his bike and immediatley realise this wasnt just a drop it was a decent off, bark busters have moved almost 90 degrees, brake fluid is pissing out the banjo fitting, started button assy is busted. We all get together and get the bike fixed. Pozzan (i think for my sake as we car pooled) decides to push on. There's a couple of tricky short technical climbs but otherwise the day was full of smooth flowing good tracks. I stuck towards the back for the majority of the day to keep an eye on Pozzan who was clearly in pain. We get back to the car and decide to go to bendigo hospital and we all know the outcome. Top marks for riding 99.9% of that ride with a broken wrist mate! I felt guilty....briefly.....once the doc told you it was busted but dont stress i got over it pretty quickly Habs awesome day out, thanks for organising and sweeping, thank your mate too for leading the first loop, cant wait to ride there again! Thanks to everyone else too for being patient and helping with bike repairs
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