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  2. Morning peeps, I have updated first post with who has paid, and peoples orders etc. Please get payments in by Thursday, as order is getting placed Friday morning. And please double check i have your order correct. Thanks heaps all
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  4. Wow, what a ride TOBY you done it mate, this ride ticked all the boxes for me, earlier start time, prime DIRTBIKE riding conditions, a solid full days ride, plenty of challenging hills, endless flowing tracks, not many breaks, a good fun crew with plenty of banter, a true lvl 3+ ride. Big thanks again to TOBY mate you have done a awesome good with Tallarook, I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks also to Cluffie Buzz Nasty & Habs for a great day out on the bikes. High Light for me was watching Habs smash through rock garden hill climbs like they weren’t even there, your a natural mate. Till the next one guys, Rock On [emoji869]
  5. Not just physically either, Cruiser!!!
  6. You would of loved this ride Pete. Anyone thinking they aren't sure what to do to get bike fit...........This is the answer.
  7. Great report Cruiser . Thanks for sharing your experience . I might have to give it go . I was reluctant thinking the entire group would be desert sand racers and I'd bet the lost kid. Bit worried about the thighs cramping up though . I can see this as the ride to do it more than any other.
  8. Hahahahaha cheers Cluffie, I was just hoping for the best all day long....a few more rides and I’ll be more competent . The poor little 250, I was clearly trying to kill it but it just kept on giving......it goes in for rebuild on Wednesday
  9. Hey mate, just joined myself. I live in Wodonga..just getting back into some riding. Let me know when you're back up this way.
  10. Ok you asked for it. The Vid of the first 30 odd ks when I was at my least confidant. The battery on my camera doesn't last much longer. Needed to put the camera on the head of a more proficient rider. The camera deceptively does not show the Whoops to there full extent.
  11. well done sounds a great place to go to, great ride report
  12. What a great day out with the crew today. With the tracks being wet from all the rain we have had, i knew this ride was going to be a cracker. Thanks to Toby for turning it on and adding some of the tougher hills that tallarook has to offer to his usual loop today. Nasty,you certainly did it tough today. Get out on some higher level rides to build up some ride fitness and you'll find it alot easier next time. Habs, you did well today considering you had a spell from the dirtbikes for a while. Your uphill rock step hand stand was right in front off me,wow you came out off that well. The little 250 copped a hiding today and was leaking oil,rattling and smoking badly at times. Welcome back mate. Gypsy, the " hillclimb king" killed it again with his brand new golden tyre soft. Buzz,was Buzz and conquered everything thrown at him. Toby,awesome riding mate and well done on putting this loop together. Myself,had an awesome day out on the trails with the crew and got through it all. Thanks to Nasty,Buzz and Gypsy for sharing the sweeping duties.
  13. Great report and pics Cruiser - covered about 50k Friday and 198K on Sat (for those who did the full ride) Great bunch of blokes to ride with - thanks to Arbo & Cam for manning the support truck. BearMX and Tailendcharlie for sweeping. Keep the pics and videos coming.
  14. Hahahah it’s great when it goes to plan!!
  15. I stopped a few times on the way home for a break. Getting in and out of the car like a geriatric. Wasnt sure whether I needed to go for a run or have a radox bath to loosen up when I got home....................The radox bath won.
  16. LOL@Cruiser...my first time at Rainbow...my video was rated XXX for swearing!!! I do love the challenge of real sand/desert riding but when your doing 60-70kmph and that front end wants to plough like a grader and ya mate zooms pass you at 100kms+... Great that you had a go and your comment "The mental drive to stand up 96% of the time with the concentration levels peaking..." spot on - how's the thighs?
  17. Habs... great video mate - Thanks heaps for posting it. It’s interesting to see things from your perspective. Some great moments in that footage! Your ‘woo hoo’ was the highlight for me! LOL.
  18. Well done boys.. Spewing I missed this ride.. cracker of a place at the Yapeet Hilton.... great report.. Cheers RIC
  19. Sounde exactly like my first time there Cruiser. Great ride report and makes me want to return for another go at it. That creek run is definitely a work out haha [emoji106]
  20. Hi Geoffro 1 Gunmetal and Aqua Med, and 1 Gunmetal and orange Med please I will transfer the money now, so mark as Paid, when you need the address details I will P.M them thanks Bill
  21. Pics of our short Fri arvo ride Cooking lunch to take with me on Saturdays ride.
  22. Big thanks to Bruce and Bear for running this ride. Arbo and Cam for your support. Bear and Tony for sweeping. To all the guys that turned up and made for a fun experience. I can now tick this off the bucket list. I can absolutely see the attraction to riding sand for high speed adrenalin riding. It would take a few more tours for me to become comfortable with that. On the way home. I had a strap break. Lucky the peg straps I added stopped the bike falling off the trailer. Tailendcharlie "Tony". What a legend. Brought the Urn. The water. The Tim Tams. The coffee.Tea and all of Yaapeets Hospitality. Thankyou very much mate for looking after us so well in your little town. A Pic of a Pub I past on the way home. I have some great memories in with my Son on one of our out back adventures. Till we ride again Cruiser
  23. Yesterday
  24. This was our 3rd fuel stop and rest. Bruce and a couple of others rode off for a quick 32k option. i was content to have a beer and egg and bacon sanga while I waited for them to come back.
  25. If you like high speed there is no shortage of that in the desert. Whilst My speedo sat predominantly around 50-60kph. There was brief moments of reaching 110kph. I likened myself to Mr Magoo plodding around the tracks like I was on a country drive. With the others blasting past me. I met a few at the next corners eating sand as I plodded on past them. My favourite part was in the creek. slippery and wet where I felt most at home. The more open tracks were big whoops or very close together whoops. While most bounced off the top of these. I was content to see the bottom of just about every one. Murder track. Whoops were very close together. for what seemed like kms and probably was. This track alone was an endurance event. I was quite pleased to see Arbo and Son set up at the end of this track with some much needed fuel and the kettle on. Sand had built up around the rear caliper early in the ride. Was told not to brake with the front brake. The rear brake was out of action. Coming into some of the corners hot made for some pucker moments for me. Even tho the guys told me this is how its done. Completly different style of riding. Accelerating into corners instead of just out of corner. On the gas going down hills. Keeping the power on to float the front wheel. Yep!!! It was going to take me more than one tour of sand to get my head around all that.
  26. Great vid Habs , best i've seen in awhile. That ride looked so good , looking forward to getting back to Tallarook for a ride again sometime soon.
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