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  2. Thanks for the ride Mick! Awesome selection of tracks, definitely look forward to doing it again.
  3. Hey all, I have to send some stickers out over the next couple of days, If you would like some for your bike, car, trailer etc etc Shoot me a private message with your name and postal details, and i will shoot some out. Cheers
  4. Walkinshaw (formally HSV) are taking on 200 Holden employees to follow up warranty/ agreed services that will be done through the existing Holden network, under another name , I don’t know what name, I read it on a Holden news link , but really who knows.
  5. Heading over to Flinders Classic in May, can’t wait.
  6. Today
  7. Just a month needed to sort some finer detail whos ready
  8. Welcome to Dirtriderz Deano - sweet ride you have there mate. Keep your eyes on the “ organised ride Victoria “ section- I would recommend start out on a lvl 2 ride first and then take it from there, enjoy [emoji106]
  9. G'day all, been riding a while and bumped into an old mate who said I should join this group. So I did. Currently riding a 2018 KTM 350. Most of my riding is around Wombat and just about most other areas within a couple of hours of Melbourne. Keen to get on a few different rides so will be looking forward to get on board.
  10. Thanks Pepperjack for posting up this ride, it was a fun day in great conditions. The whole group rode well throughout the loop which never exceeded the posted level, Riles through in a few tracks here and there with a little bit extra at the end which was the cherry on top. There was plenty of opportunities to twist the throttle and hook into some corners at times which is always great fun and go for some of the harder lines here and there instead of avoiding them. It was good to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while and meet a few new faces, it was a good day out and I enjoyed it, thanks.
  11. Hi there first time poster long time reader iv just gotten a 03 wr450f rides good starts easy cold or hot has some backfiring but all in all a good bike with miner problems that need attention iv taken it to 2 different motorbike mechanics and both said they have no idea What the noise is I feel like it could be the auto decomp once I got it home I noticed a ticking/tapping/zapping sort of noise When I rev the bike I don’t realy notice the sound wile ridding it untill I slow down to turn around (iv only ridden it up the street and back) and makes the noise with clutch compressed and decompressed and also dose not affect the ridding as in you can’t feel it through the bike anywhere even on the engine iv had both side covers off there’s nothing floating around I tried the screw driver on your ear trick still can’t pin point it I changed the oil and filter some fine silver metal shavings in the filter But nothing big I’m trying to work out how to post a video so will have one up for yous ASAP
  12. My old commuter.. Preparing to part ways (see the for sale section ).. She's been a beaut!
  13. That’s amazing service! Thank Geoffro!
  14. https://www.dirtriderz.com/topic/18076-show-us-your-adv-bike/?tab=comments#comment-321340 Done!
  15. Just thought i would kick this new section off, here is a pic of my big pig. On with the 30ltr tank and one with the 20ltr
  16. Its going to be happening for sure, in the not to distant future..
  17. Yeah I think they’ll take on another brand,Sunbury holden are part of mantello holden that also sell Hyundai at Roxburgh park.
  18. I heard a bit of the word on the street that they will end up being a Suzuki dealer..and perhaps Holden parts and service etc as suggested. .. interesting..
  19. I’d assume they’d become a service centre of some description. Car dealerships generally make most of their money post sale (service and parts) anyway the only difference being now they are likely to see less and less cars coming though as the years go on. The support and parts by law must be available for 10 years after the sale of the new car so I think you’ll see Holden parts and service centres for at least that period wether Holden branded or some other form. As for the dealer in Sunbury and others like them they may try and buy into other brands to keep car sales going aswell. I for one will be holding onto my 2016 SS commodore and watching prices with interest
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