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  2. Few tracks there I have not done in a long time spewing I missed it great report fellas
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    Trying to find traction
  5. Thanks for posting the ride report Matt. Nice pics too - must take more next time. It brings me a big smile to hear you enjoyed the ride so much. Yes, my Tallarook loop has evolved a lot over the past year or 2, and I’m really happy with it now. All killer, no filler. Next time we ride there, I will throw in 2 additional tracks - which I refer to as “blue ribbon” and “v steep” - which are epic uphill battles - each with their own distinct flavour. Thanks to you and Cluffie for joining me and allowing the mid-weeker to happen. You’re both great blokes, and I look forward to riding again with you ASAP. Cheers, Toby
  6. From slipping the clutch
  7. Anyone up to do a challenge on the weekend to get this going again
  8. The timing was like a swiss watch when this ride popped up, so when you can get a chance to do a mid week ride you take it. And particular when it's with Clint Eastwood aka Tobby avatar, then all the more reason.......Now you've got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Toby unloaded all the rounds on his 44 Magnum and gave us everything Tallarook had on offer and more. He knows that place back to front. So we met up up at 8.00am and on the bikes shortly after and back at the cars around 3.30pm Just the 3 of us today Toby leading , me and Cluffie. Being a small group enabled us to punch out 82klm of Tallarooks fineset which included some of Toby's new stuff and all the other good stuff. My highlight was riding down into the george. It was a long winding track down, then a bit of a play time and then back up again, that was fantastic, with great views. We also got an extra treat of Big willy, which was a hard shaley rocky hill ( not seen it before) and took a bit of clutch work, pushing and pulling, but all made it up after a few trys and collabrive approach. Well done and thanks for showing us around Toby, was an excellenat day on the bikes. With so much riding, not much time for pics, but managed only a few. Thanks again
  9. Found this great site; it has all the tech documents for KTM models. The docs have all the manuals (owners, parts, repair) and even include the dealer predilvery manuals and suspension shim stacks! https://www.ktmshop.se/index
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  11. I'll have a fumble around on my day off and see if I can manage to fix it. Yz450f 2017 Been riding road 8 years or so back on the dirt now after a few years absence
  12. The technical term for that lever is...a sloppy lever The up and down or sloppiness of the lever has no real effect on the free play of the clutch more how smooth the action of the lever is or would be. If your lever is as sloppy as in that video you either (as Pygmygod stated), use a thin washer with anti seize lube to take up the slack or take a hammer and close in the gap. IMHO, cable clutch lever assembly are pretty cheap and it's better if you replace the whole unit rather than pi$$ fart around trying to squeeze it as a quality aftermarket assembly will probably be smoother and lighter in terms of clutch pull than the unit you current have. PS. What bike are you currently riding?
  13. My clutch lever is loose it has a lot of play up and down similar to this video
  14. I don't know what you mean. There's only one free-play to measure isn't there? The lever will be 'floppy' out/in a few mm before it starts to put any tension one the cable. This is what you need to measure. Any up/down wobble of the lever itself just sounds normal and if you don't want it then add a thin washer in the clutch perch to remove any gap causing your lever to move up/down? Or do you mean something else?
  15. l think you have way to much time on your hands TRAILZ? love the end. Very funny.
  16. Thanks! Will open her up and take a look when I get the chance. From memory I think they're back and forth free play is good but it just has a lot of up and down free play.
  17. Your free play can be made at either (and excuse me if l haven't got this right for your bike/make) 3 points: At the clutch lever adjuster At the clutch basket usually there is a slotted bolt and nut on the pressure plate - simply loosen lock nut and screw in or out to adjust. At the clutch cable - some bikes have a cable adjuster somewhere near the headstock. Majority of the time, most will just adjust from the clutch lever then the cable adjuster if you're bike has one. I would recommend: Record how many turns out the current clutch lever adjuster is. See if you have a cable adjuster anywhere along your cable. If it has, record the amount this adjuster is turned out. Pull the clutch cable from the the lever and use a cable sprayer tool and spray heaps of silicone down the cable until you see it running out the other end. Reattach everything, set the adjuster back to the amount of turns you have recorded. Ride the thing to warm up the clutch. Whilst on the trail (should be 20mins into your ride), turn the lever adjuster IN a few turns until you have some freeplay - 3mm-5mm is recommended but you can get away with 2-3mm but it means the cable will stretch faster than at 5mm (still better than 0mm!!!). BTW, the measurement is from the tip of the lever. If you have set the freeplay to around 3mm (whilst on your ride) and now the bike won't engage or slips in gear it could mean: Clutch cable is stretched and due for replacement. Clutch plates are worn or warped and needs replacement. Clutch basket fingers are notched, requiring filing or replacing if notched badly. If you've run no freeplay on your clutch for a long time then there is a very chance that the cable is stretched badly and if you've recently replaced he clutch pack...you'll probably find that the bike either won't engage or slips madly, or disengage and excessively creeps like when starting in gear with clutch lever pulled. Good luck!!
  18. welcome to the MIGHTY orange family, either bike is a good choose so be happy with your decision on the threfiddy, you will have a ball , lots of great people to ride with on dirtriderz so work out your level and get out there , good luck , cheers
  19. Does up and down free play occur for for the same reason as normal forward and back free play?
  20. Cable or Hydraulic ? do you have the owners/users manual, that should give you some clues.
  21. Yeah I would really like a ride on a 300tpi but as I'm just getting back into riding myself I don't have a lot of riding buddies and none with a tpi 300. Price and support/updates for the 2019 tpi bike going foward is another reason I'm leaning towards the 350. Still have a couple of days to decide, already change my mind 100 time this morning
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