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  2. You could check out dirtbikeworld. I think it was popular pre dirtriderz. Has vic organised rides section, just not much action. https://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/
  3. You still got red hair? Hope your well or u just riding horses and mowing lawns? Just checked in looks like no more….bit sad actually, if I had emotions I think I’d be a bit emotional. Golden beach next month? @Twincam_ke20
  4. Yeah it makes it a bit harder to find..
  5. Use the link in Jays post above ( you have to have the /forum on the end
  6. Is the site on tapa as it keeps telling me it can't be found
  7. Well Done Walkahz!!! To access click > https://www.dirtbiketalk.au/forum/
  8. Well done Walkahz. I'm anticipating you're going to develop something pretty special over time given the standard you set on your projects. Looks like there'll be a bit more dirtriding / socializing in my future after all.
  9. Oh wow. That looks suspiciously familiar…
  10. You need the /forum at the end
  11. Hopefully everyone jumps on board, Have you got a link? When i opened it up i can only see " coming soon" Cheers
  12. Hi Guys and Girls www.Dirtbiketalk.au/Forum is now live. Sign up and lets continue the legacy of Dirtriderz. Please continue using the Dirtriderz platform until it is no more and send Geoffro out with a bang to thank him for all his hard work bringing this amazing group of people together! Hope to see you all there.
  13. Day 1 477 km covered Ended up at Two Wells Tavern 600 km to cover tomorrow
  14. Jump onboard and join a great group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/523031149002880/?ref=share It's the Black Dog (offroad) ride group on Facebook.
  15. I like the church 1, we could roughly base ourselves on the Flying Spaghetti Monster beliefs ?
  16. I really like Dirtydeedz ... Now if only we can a find a forum/webhost done dirt cheap
  17. More name ideas Trailbanter.com Crosstracks.com Dirtcorner.com Don't think it matters too much
  18. I can think of a few names if you like. DirtSquirterZ.com 💙motomatchmaker💙 😂 TrailgodZ.com TrailgumbyZ.com VTR.com (Victorian trail riders) Trailaddicts.com Enduroaddicts.com Motoaddicts.com Motoworld.com Motolife.com Endurolife.com Trailhacks.com Dirtcore.com Dirtydeedz.com Whiskythrottle.com Boganbikers.com Terribletrailriders.com Dirtfactory.com But to name a few...spin the wheel...use some of those to inspire something better.
  19. Pretty big loss to have this forum gone. I think Geoffro should feel proud to have accomplished this, to have so many people feel so passionate about what has been created here. I do think it a shame that Geoffro does not want to pass on the banner to an enabler. He should still feel pride that it was his creation. Plenty of businesses take many contributor to succeed. I just hope that someone thinks quick and enables us all to reconnect and keep us all riding with our dirtrider friends. It is a very important part of my (and a lot of us) life. 2 years back, I put a DirtriderZ sticker on a device that we drop to the bottom the ocean. It has sat there (5km down on the sea floor) in the Tasman sea below New Zealand. We retrieved that just last month. I was hoping to brag that I had a pic of a DirtriderZ sticker from the strangest place, but will now have no one to appreciate that. Who do I brag to now? This is a very big loss!
  20. Saddened by the decision - would not have met soo many great like minded individuals without the forum. It connected so many. Thanks @Geoffro El Capitano for creating such an amazing environment to be part of over the years. Great memories and comorardary!
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