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  2. Nah he's an engineer up near Wallan, he's in his 60s and still keeps in touch and says he loves it,has stripped it right down and inspected etc and put it all back together with indicators,battery,brake lights and everything else hooked up,once I've sold a bike I know it's gone and the new owner does what he likes with it but it sounds like it's gone to a really good home so it's one of those feel good stories[emoji23].
  3. Midnight. Yeah might have to watch the repeats
  4. Just reuse the existing one. I've asked a couple of mates that have done the mod, that's what everyone is doing without any drama.
  5. Today
  6. didnt sell to a bloke in ballarat?
  7. Some late nights[emoji106]
  8. For those who want to watch the prologue instead of sleeping tonight, keep an eye out there are also a few local boys over there
  9. Thanks for all you advice I just wanted to do the right thing with my new bike , thanks for the video with the clutch would I need to replace gasket if i pull off side cover
  10. wow , sounds like someone got a bargain
  11. Thanks baz
  12. Yesterday
  13. Flat rock car park could be closed this time of year but about a km further on is Freemans camp area. It has a drop toilet and plenty of room to park.
  14. i ran forma's a couple of years ago and i couldnt get 10 months out of mine. they were falling apart in several areas.... i wont be buying them again....
  15. Hey guys, Thinking about checking out tallarook in the next few weeks, Is the Flat rock campsite the best spot to park or any other suggestions would be great, cheers [emoji106]
  16. Happy Birthday Coise! have a great day!!
  17. Top stuff Life of Loam!
  18. Interesting first post by somebody who happened to join the forum the same day this thread kicked into gear.. If you think every single post gets seen by mods, then your kidding yourself. I can confidently say that would have been removed if seen.. To miss a video is "next level".... try sitting there sifting through every video that gets posted... Hard to figure out who you have aimed your post at more, Petev or the mods...
  19. Ah the old forgotten swing arm bolt no body ever grease's them up, Even a brand spanking bike should have there full suspension parts pulled apart and greased properly.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I have only joined yesterday, but have been furiously searching through, watching & reading all the content & information on here. Reading through this post about the video & pictures being posted and the future damage this can cause and Geoffro post above caught my eye. No offence here buddy but, in one of the riding reports there is some very damaging footage that contradicts your above post. You say that the moderating team constantly deleting words, phrases etc etc but in one video by PeteV, he is cutting in fresh, unridden new tracks. This seems to be something that should of been moderated immediately and goes beyond the scope of your post that probably should of been removed. Yes we all ride these types of tracks but, blatantly allowing footage of cutting tracks in on a public forum and it being allowed by the moderating team seems a little contradictive when you delete paraphrases etc as stated in your above post. Once again don't want to seem Im causing problems or rubbing people the wrong way here being one of my first posts just asking the question on what seems like a double standard. I could see a word, abbreviation, paraphrases or similar missed and with the amount of content easy to do, but to miss a complete video is next level. Larry
  21. The genie is out of the bottle, and it isn't going back in. One google video search later on one single forest. Even if there was a self-imposed or community code of conduct, and a banning on ZERO future content, this material will still exist and continue to grow by those ignoring such rules. It's not enforceable on any meaningful scale.
  22. I couldn't think of anything worse to do after work [emoji31] wife & I are very much early birds these days.
  23. After work, my body doesn't work in the mornings! Usually 5.30 or later Well done Pete. I only got 2 runs in last week unfortunately as a super busy weekend led to a lot of couch time on Sunday. Struggled to get motivation or energy tonight but struggled out my standard 8.5 km run tonight
  24. I change mine every 15hours no matter how hard or easy the ride.
  25. it is a matter of time before they use all these. pic and video against us to close down forest and use it as evidence. to close down site like this and with out site like this alot of us would eventually have no one to ride with and go back to mx or race enduro but if we do the right thing now that we might over come this and just enjoy riding again as for me i vote to no more pic or videos of the wrong doing and look forward to just getting to ride with you all then having cop and range follow us around as we are here to ride
  26. i find about 10 to 15 hour the way to go on if it normal riding but if you find that you get stuck alot on hill and feel that the bike run hot change. it more but all come down to how you ride and as for me the 250 get alot of clutch so i change it ever 8 hour but if i was running the 300 i said about ever 17 hour because not much harrd clutch work but play around with what work for you because if you do feel it harder to change gear or does feel burn oil it mean you left it to long imo
  27. Got the runners on tonight and the boy and I did a 12 minute run round the block . I feel awesome now... Amazing how good it can make you feel! . First run in many months ...
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