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  2. Anyone got any pictures of there new 2021 ktm ?
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  4. Holy crap, that’s a hell of a COVID purchase. Must be like riding on air. Nice.
  5. Something different Frank.... look what else I got ???? RIC
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  7. In a lot of ways oils are a personal preference thing. You probably won't notice a difference between slightly different oil weights with the relatively mild Victorian climate and typical trail rider and terrain. If 15W 50 is in the manual it'll be fine. If your fussy and can't stand having money then for cold start and cold temperatures as well as the clutch I'd prefer a 10W over the 15W. If your doing a lot of slow slog near boilover riding or riding hard at high ambient temperatures its probably ok but for the way a KTM 350 is designed I'd prefer the higher viscosity 60 rather than 50. I've never run 10w 60 in my Jap bikes but I do in my SXF 350 (it needs all the help it can get). You need to change it sooner though as it wears down quicker.
  8. That’s the oil we use for our 2T gearbox oil-Recommend in the manual, i use the Motorex 10w-60 for my 4T engines.
  9. I run it in my 2012 te300 berg without any dramas and it's recommended in the manual so you shouldn't have any problems
  10. Did my 25 km radius ride Friday tracks were good couple of other groups out .Thanks to my riding buddy for coming with me shoulders were sore after 2 hrs tho need more riding time to get ride fit again hopefully all members will be on the bike in the next week or two.
  11. the google machine tells me this "15W-50 motor oils. 15W-50 has historically been a viscosity recommended for high performance engines, and is used today primarily in motorsports racing where engines are stressed due to high revving and heat." does anyone run this in their bikes...i have a ktm350exc....i think it hits that definition even if its an older model (2013) what say you more knowledgeable folks?
  12. You bet frank..... ASAP... with Bells on...
  13. Nice bike Ric! Once we get let loose we’ll get out for a ride[emoji109]i I
  14. Last week
  15. Do ya’ll mostly pub/motor inn hop where possible or camp on longer multi day rides? I’m kinda/maybe keen on adv in the near future but the thought of carrying enough basic gear for self sustained camping puts me off a little. If your loaded up with camping gear, fuel, water etc are you basically limited to dirt roads/higher speed stuff? Ive come across a few guys on loaded up large adventure bikes in the High Country and they all seemed to be doing it tough on the more challenging sections. Don’t know much about it, so happy to take some education 👍
  16. As soon as we are out of this SH&% lets go Frank..... RIC
  17. I put it here in case someone is interested I still haven't started work in my workshop so no reassembly of the bike yet, just a few small extra parts. titanium screws for the fork, tees and handlebars and rear brake fluid reservoir.
  18. Just picked up this klr650 and setting it up to do some weekends away to start with...hope to get away soon to test it out as we have a trip in Tassie planned for feb.
  19. well I can't be sure brian, but by the look at the pic, it is very similar to how it was, minimal wear on the clutch cover, pipe still in great condition...
  20. So it's been just sitting around doing nothing for 5 years ?
  21. cheers dan..this is way better than brads (my 17yo son) one....although that is ok too....it looks like it hasnt been ridden or touched since the day it got pinched tbh... feel sorry for the bloke/kid but i want it back..i rode brads (sons) 150.. yeah nah...reeds were buggered and I I havent ridden since replaced...want to give this one a crack..
  22. 2 strokes are easy fuel and spark thats all. I think with the exception of the crank the rest of the rebuild anyone can tackle if they can read a workshop manual! I've only found 1 issue so far. Got an oil leak out of the side of the power valve chamber. Will fix with rtv goop.
  23. well done mate, way way way X 100000000000 beyond my capabilites.....then again it s a 2 banger...lol
  24. Job done! Started it up and idled till warm to put a heat cycle through it. This afternoon went for a few laps of the paddock to do the initial run in. Plug is very oily due to the assembly oil and I have also put some oil in the tank at 100:1 to give some extra lube while it all beds in. I think I will still keep the OI as I never really had reason to doubt it before this failure. The extra oil made it quite boggy but when the revs pick up it seemed to clear out but wasn't revving it hard on the first run. Might go for an easy ride out at cobaw on Monday if this weekends house renos are finished on time
  25. this pic from benalla cop shop lock up...so it turns out they have the 150sx, the other bike that got pinched....spewing i wanted the 300exc...anyway it is in great condition... if i get it back ..I will have my other 150sx for sale...this one is mint IMO... it looks the same as the day it was pinched...nicko never got a real chance to have a crack at it
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