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  2. Pro tip....sew in some conductive thread to your finger tips.. perfect!
  3. That's amazing! Lol I like how they used it as bait... The screen is huge and no SIM required.
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  5. I’d like to show you mine if you show me yours..... one day!!! Pity there not a bit closer!
  6. This is the GPS (aka cheap rugged IP18 Android phone) I was using to guide us around yesterday... Blackview BV6000S Average price at the moment seems to be about $192 AUD. Locus Maps (AWESOME!!) No Sim, Bluetooth, Wifi turned off. just using GPS. I turn on Wifi at home if I want to transfer something or hotspot to my phone. I use a Ram Mount X Grip with an old Go Pro tether. I worked out that you need to have the ability for something to give, therefore a solid mount doesn't work - it will just break. On the very very odd occasion where my knee knocks it out of the X Grip.. the tether catches it well, I have it on a very short leash. Check out this Ruggedness test - amazing.
  7. Yup top day on the pegs. Thanks @Pepperjack for putting this rippa ride together. It had it all! Last night's rainfall kept down any dust although some of the small fallen branches were slick... I got there early and slowly started getting ready. Not long after Pepperjack & Nerb arrived... dang it was cold lol Nerb came over asked if I had a spare helmet by any chance..well it was his lucky day. I hadn't removed the go pro from my old helmet onto the new one so had them both in my bag. Disclaimer given on the helmet lol and go pro duties were handed to Nerb. Thanks mate... Everyone else arrived and we were openly greeted by Pepperjack for a chat on cornerman. Thanks Mess for putting your hand up to sweep... As stated the small twigs strewn on the ground in the morning were pretty slick... and this was the warm up lol An hour or so into the day they didn't feel as slick and the confidence picked up. On one hill I did get to swing the bike around - lets just say it wasn't the perfect piroet! Blackwood through to Greendale felt like 2 polar worlds apart with differing terrain. Gotta say with great challenges in both locations. Thanks again Pepperjack for a rippa ride until next time. Vids and pics to come thanks to Nerb
  8. Thanks buddy. I knew someone would have the code. Cheers
  9. Another great ride, those loges were very slippery in the morning but it was great fu, thanks PepperJ
  10. Awesome ride today Pepperjack! Thanks a lot for leading. And thank you all guys for a great day!
  11. Hi just got myself a new 450 & Looking to join trail riding club in victoria , preferably west side of Melbourne Cheers
  12. what a day..! just amazing. Rained a bit in the morning.. we rode from 9.15 till 2.30 - 66km and just a boatload of fun. One of the more enjoyable days out in the wombat. Highlights... Nerb forgot his helmet .. thanks Trailz for having a spare.. life saver!!!! @Liammcguinness - did amazing for his first 2+ ride.. it was solid.. we tested him out for sure. Hope we see you out there again Liam! @Tricky Micky retired with a sore ankle - hope you're good there mate @TRAILZ didn't seem to be able to keep his bike up!? I think it had a horizontal penchant @Danielc was no fuss all day.. great rider. Some leccy problems on the gas gas.. hope you solve those! @MESS was a superb sweep - keeping us all together This loop is known known as the 1910 loop.. i'll be doing that again!!
  13. Last week
  14. Its an Airoh, the name says it all Trails, internal bladder you pump up to fit any size head, I thought you have seen one by now.
  15. My last 2 helmets were a Fox V4 Carbon and a Bell Moto9. For my latest helmet I splurged and got the Airoh Aviator. It's a great helmet, super light and comfortable but with 3 (petty) things that bother me. The chin strap is pretty short, with cold hands it can be a royal PITA to do up the strap. The helmet doesn't have a single straight edge, it's all angles. Fitting a camera mount, other than right on top, is almost impossible. The retention system for holding the padded liner in place is pretty crap, and can be very fiddly to put the padding back after a wash. I purchased it from Chromburner before they were available locally, about $1k delivered from memory. Am I happy with the helmet? Yes. Would I spend $1k on a helmet aging? Probably not, I think there are other great helmets for much less, even others in the Airoh range. Just my $0.02 worth.
  16. What resolution did you upload? I think in reality anything less than 1080p is just a no go. I'm a big fan of 4k videos...so good to watch. Take a while to upload I know..but..just set and forget and let it go.
  17. I've had a few comments on the red @Pepperjack any suggestions for resolution of future vids?
  18. Please feel free to add to this thread. Various pics from the last 10 years of Annual Weekenders... Plenty of awesome memories!!
  19. Oh wont you please take me home, yeah yeah!!!!
  20. Take me down to that Paradise City where the grass is green and the rocks are slippery.
  21. that ride looks good.. said it before.. I need to get up there some time! I could only get real low res footage @TRAILZ - not sure what res you uploaded but I was lucky to get 240p .. sadly. Looks so good from what I saw.
  22. not exactly sure that is what paradise looks like!!!! - but great pics :-)
  23. Best way is to hit as many as possible then, thats my theory. When your riding along the track and there is a detour around any log of reasonable size, give it a try. The more you hit the better you feel and then when you have no other option on a track they are more comfortable. If you've got a bit of energy spare when people are having lunch, find a few to practice on. Practice good technique over even the smallest of logs that you would normally roll over to help get your rythym going. Preloading the suspension is the first tip
  24. Airoh have come up with a helmet for the Annual! Best you guys turn up to the annual!
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