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  2. Dirtriderz at Lake Toba, Sumatra. Smashing a Nasi Goreng breakfast before hitting the best trails the island had to offer Appreciate its a very short sleeve t-shirt
  3. I had a misfire on my YZ250 when it was pretty new, turned out to be a loose connection in the first electrical plug from the stator. It took me quite a while to figure it out, just happened to notice the plastic was a little bit melted when I was blowing water out of the plugs. Worth a look if you can't find anything wrong with the kill switch.
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  5. LOl..it is an italian Husky😁...the Beta's aren't that much better!!
  6. Yes that old chestnut - will have to take a look at that.
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  8. Is there anyone that still has not yet received their shirt or hoodie ??? Please let me know ASAP Thanks
  9. ktm shane


    Today at the lights on Thompson’s rd and Frankston Dandenong road And I zoomed in I’m not sitting up his clacker
  10. https://www.dirtrider.com/two-stroke-vs-four-stroke-cody-webb-gives-us-lowdown/
  11. He will love it!!! Rode Riles YZ and loved the way it felt very nimble, and great suspension. Great bike for a young one to hone their skills.
  12. Looking for anyone with personal experience with the risk racing lock and load pro system. How reliable are they? Have you ever had it come loose? What have you installed it on? eg. Trailer, caravan Planning to install them in a caravan so I don't want the bike falling and smacking a wall mid trip.
  13. Jono Jono Jono [emoji2368][emoji79][emoji2297] I understand why you went this option-it’s because you couldn’t find a ktm 150 [emoji12] When your son turns 10 you can get him a 150 then, lol Only having a joke mate - all the best for the little fella he will love it [emoji106]
  14. This weapon of a bike was the first 150 I ever rode and gave me the biggest smile & now I’m hooked [emoji106][emoji108]
  15. Victim of their own success I suppose....
  16. Picking up a stock 21 yz125 on Thursday has done 40 hr I think he’ll be rapped.
  17. Jono, My two comments are; Both are equally good...... for big kids too the ktm 150 - you can share parts, wheels, brake pads, plastics etc between both bikes with your 300 etc Let us all know what you end up getting
  18. Jono, you already know my thoughts - and that is both will be good bikes for your son. The KTM would be a bit better all round enduro bike, particularly the gearbox - but I still give the nod to the Yamaha. There are not many 125x out there and I dont know any other Dirtriderz member with one. As I suggested they are not hugely different from a regular YZ. A side stand, some gearing and rec rego (if needed) on a regular YZ could be considered. No respring/revalve required or changing the 19 inch wheel either. Its all fine as is (unless hes extremely light)
  19. Combination of rider preference and a heavy leaning by the manufacturers to run 250F or 350F 4T's due to 2T's winning every hard enduro event including super enduro events which impacted the sales of these models.
  20. Check the electricals especially the kill switch button.
  21. IMO and experiance unfortunately 4wd VIC are far from there to keep tracks open or want to keep them open, the orgsanistation is all about there training and making a profit off there member's, check out there public financials, there not going to do anything that may effect the money they receive from the government unfortunately, eg they are supporting the idea of closure. Fingers crossed its not too late and the public push to keep it open succeeds.
  22. That is not entirely true regarding the key system. That is the last I will say about that topic. Again it will be sad to see Wombat closed.
  23. 4wd Victoria are for the national parks. They have deals with Parks so they get exclusive access by a key system that only member clubs can use thus keeping membership levels high. Dont trust them!
  24. Ive got a 2018 TE150 carby (Keihin), was set up for my son but has lost interest for now..90hrs not a issue , piston done at 40-80 hrs , E start is a little weak when cold, 92 kgs, Great bike
  25. My next 2t👌 but Factcory model
  26. It's starting to sink in but I'm waiting till late September early October. It's killing me! A part of me wants to quit drinking and pump up the tyres on my mtb, try and improve the cardio a little bit over the next couple of months but that part of me only comes out after a few beers 😂
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