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  2. If anyone's interested ,just watching the great escape with a couple frothys ,Steve McQueen in that scene on the bike ,awesome.a dirt biker classic.cheers.
  3. Another bike followed me home today and its another 2 stroke, 3 of each now. We don't discriminate on colour or race in my family. Welcome to the family little 2001 KX 60.
  4. You can actually use GeoVic to see EXACTLY what is crown land and what is not, right down to the exact GPS coordinates. If you watch the first 4 minutes of this video the guy covers off how to get the map setup to view crown land boundaries. Ignore the title of the video, it's really a tutorial for the GeoVic map site, very useful.
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  6. Hi everyone just signed up and thought I would introduce myself I’m Eli 35 years of age from Brisbane love everything about dirt bikes and getting back into it soon.
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  8. Incase any '18 150 carby owners are in the dark as I ws heres a update... Going to a 42-74 needle fixed the loading up issue. Clip 2nd from top. (tried 3 from the top = did a plug) Because it occurred during idle I was changing pilot's which did not help. For around Melbourne's local hills the 30 pilot seems to be the go during winter. Also using Motorex, It does burn the cleanest.. I lug a lot, so also I went to a cooler plug BR8EIX 5044. Anyway, maybe help any novices like me...Thanks to those who helped me!
  9. Just a heads up for anyone interested.toby price racing side by side championship this sat at Monza park ballarat10am.free entry.
  10. Thanks for all the info guys!! After much deliberation I decided to go the 2 stroke route. I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t! Picked up a very clean 2015 TE250 from Mike who I believe is actually a member on here - cheers mate if you see this!
  11. i had my heart set on a sherco 300 f and would always be on my list for next bike only thing that tipped me was resale Ktm - husqvarna will always been quick easier to sell . doesnt mean they are better bikes though.
  12. Good work I definitely need to practice logs.
  13. I rode Geoffro's Sherco 300 4T and it was awesome. Didn't want to flame out at all no matter how low I tried to lug it in the rev range and I hit heaps of obstacles going up, down and across the hills on the property of StarGlen Lodge. A great machine
  14. It was the same as mine a 6 day 2015
  15. Great ride fellas weather was beautiful thanks to gypsy for putting this ride on. Thanks to Mick buzz and Sabo for sweeping. Great single through the creeks and the odd hill for a challenge Ontill next time boys thanks
  16. I had a 16 Sherco for 100 hours, never missed a beat, awesome bike!
  17. Lal Lal Haven’t been back since my little incident.Luckily conditions were ridiculous slippery just for that extra confidence boost. Hats off to Gypsy has put the loop together nicely with a good mix of technical to flowing stuff and the occasional hill climb if u know what I mean. The group moved well great meeting some new faces and seeing some guys push through there comfort zones. Gypsy what can I say besides I knew at the end u we’re surviving some serious punishment up but it made it that more enjoyable. A thanks To all that helped out during day . Cant wait for the next one .
  18. Massive thanks to gypsy for putting this ride on. Thanks to Mick buzz and Sabo for sweeping. It was good to get out my comfort zone and test my abilities. I’ve definitely got to practice on some hills. Thanks to all the boys that helped me through the day
  19. Well done for having ago mate, thank God your running a Force Bush plate/Pipe Guard [emoji106]
  20. Good on you for having a go...logs are something that I need a lot of practice on.....the slimy wet ones can wait till summer [emoji6]
  21. What a ride.... 8 hours on the bike and loved every minute of it. Weather was great, hills were steep, tracks were wet and the company was perfect. Never thought there could be so many hill climbs in the one forest. Can't wait for the next one. Big thanks to the sweeps, Sabo, Buzz and Mick [emoji106]
  22. so.. it was just us two.. smaller groups always good also, gives you a chance to actually chat and get to know people. Weather was just sensational.. home as I write this and I can see big rains coming so we literally got the best of the day. There is a nice warm up loop at the Start of Cobaw which was kind of our go to, we probably did that 4 or 5 times. It's easy at the bottom but pretty L3 around the back of the loop. We were keen to get better at logs so this was what we did.. just find good logs and practice.. as we headed off I said to PMAC, whilst pointing to a log(not the one in the video) .. "see, this is the goal - I want to be able to clear that" .. to which he said, looks easy enough. I was impressed.. then even more impressed when he flailed into it with what can only be described as exceptional skill and timing - haha, just joking. It set the scene for a few hours of what was to be quite tiring and somewhat humiliating practice. All in all good though.. I really need to do sessions more like this more often. I was a bit buggered after that few hours but I did feel my skills picked up so was happy with that. the final was a big log which I would always normally just look for a way around but instead I ended up quite comfortable just bouncing up and rolling over. Not quite Jarvis style - yet!!! Some video for some laughs..
  23. 7 Ktms & 1 Husqvarna I want to thank everyone for coming along yesterday. A couple of Pornstars but we still had 8 riders 8 o’clock ride off and 4.30 finish-that’s one part of a step up, is Bike stamina to ride all day. Everyone rode well and gave harden terrain ago . Could not believe how low the water crossings where after all this rain , ankle deep. Very wet & slick tracks with the sun shining all day perfect [emoji108] Thanks to Mick501 & Sabo for sweeping & Buzz for helping mid pack. Till the next one, Rock On [emoji869]
  24. Big thanks to Pepperjack for putting up this ride,also for riles and kiwimike for the support given.Was a tough ride for me as a newbie but a great crew made it enjoyable,thanks again to all.
  25. Well done Riles everyone sounds like there knackered, so it's a great Cobaw ride!
  26. Some vids from today.
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