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  2. It will be interesting to see how many of these Gasgas bikes actually come to Australia , imo I don’t think we will see many of these bikes this year. From what iv been told Australia have just received the last shipment of ktm/Husqvarnas 2021 bikes-and it was very limited stock-next shipment will be the 2022 models in September. If you are thinking of buying one- I would definitely be putting a deposit down on one now and hope for the best .
  3. Approx costs Chain $100 Rear sprocket $90 Front sprockets x 2 $50 That's generally the rule of thumb for a drive change. May last you a year. Front sprocket generally will go first so 2 of these will give the chain a bit more wear time. How long they last is all dependent on how aggressive you are with the throttle. Riding in muddy conditions may play a factor in faster wear.. How often you ride. Nice smooth rides on the fire trail once a month......They could last you years.
  4. Thanks guys. How often do you typically need to change?
  5. just want access to dads laptop....not trying for govt secrets...dont matter to much...the bin is always an option....its just bloody frustrating if you pros have dramas what hope do us mere plebs have?
  6. Grouse day Saturday. Despite the wet and cold, the pub was a welcome relief and the ride back was much better weather wise. Either way the tracks were fabulous and I can’t wait to do it again - although hopefully with the weather you guys had on Sunday. Big thanks to DG for putting the ride up and leading. Stinky for sweeping, Felroy for fuel. And everyone for being such great ride buddies. Next time can’t come soon enough.
  7. DG - WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND!! Was really cool hanging out with some of the usual suspects - and of course, the guys (and girls) Im not usual able to catch up with. What a rippa Friday and Sat night - good company, good laughs. Looking forward to seeing you all again at the Black Dog! DJ - hope to be able to join one of your rides out at BeachWorth. Here are a few quick pics of the weekend. Badger......
  8. Amazing weekend had!!! Thanks to DG for organising and leading the ride! And thank you to each and everyone one of you that helped me with my damn tyres, battery, clutch, suspension, lack of knowledge and slowness, you all know who you are, and I have no idea of your Forum names!! I honestly appreciate all of you and everything you did. I learnt a lot that weekend and for the first time rode not only loose rocky, but wet/slippery terrain and was pretty pumped I didn’t come off..... definitely died a few times though! The views were magnificent, the nightly tunes kept us air guitar-ing in o
  9. Agree with Gypsy, been using this chain for years [emoji106] im due for chain and sprockets and will be buying the same.
  10. Look at this on eBay DID 520 VX3 GOLD/BLACK MOTORCYCLE CHAIN WITH RIVET LINK 120 links
  11. Ya get what you pay for , ive snapped a chain out in the middle of Bumfu##k, Trust me i wouldn't be putting on a cheap chain
  12. Last week
  13. We headed over late Sat night getting there about 1015pm most must of had a hard day as they were in bed early🤷‍♂️. A quick chat to DG and Motochick after setting up camp seen them off to bed not long after 1030 Scotty his miss Lynelle and myself kicked on for a few hours after finishing up bout 130 ish 🍺🍺 Sunday seen us in the 4be 🚙for a change as the bike wasn't ready, so it was a good chance to get the missus out and see some of the sights of the area (Photos to come) After heading to Mt Terrible Hut form Poletti Tk we headed back down Mt Terrible tk to the jamo brewery for
  14. Another great weekend away with a great crew ! The DJ that was on the Strathbogies ride i did was there, but he only played 1 60's song Was a bit cold & wet, but you know what they say, any day on the bike is great ! Really liked the track & i definitely need to get up there more ! Thanks to DG for leading/organising ride, stinky for sweeping & everybody who helped pick me up off the ground after my many falls ! I think i'm getting to that stage where i need to bring my career on the rides with me :
  15. The gnarly does fit the standard muffler no problem they don't actually slip together they join at the rubber sleeve just put a couple of cable ties around the sleeve to stop it slipping
  16. Great weekend away, my first since COVID so it would’ve been hard to ruin it. Great crew, big thanks to DG for leading, Stinky for sweeping (and collecting heaps of firewood) Felroy for the petrol and Bad Badger for the eclectic music selection [emoji2357]. Pretty average start on Saturday with all the rain and fog, when I ride by Braille I usually regret it but it wasn’t so bad. The return trip was just about perfect (aside from the flat) little rain and much better conditions overall. I really enjoyed the fresh air and campfire banter [emoji106]
  17. I wish I rode with you fellas that day I was the bloke on Ktm 300 riding with the other crew of blokes . What a hell of a hard ride for a level 2 rider that’s not ridden much in 3 yrs Straight into all the hard tights out the back of seeds ttck all the way to Freeman’s track . After 2 hours I was done ended up saying good bye didn’t want to hold them up they very talented riders
  18. Its been welded before and I have blown dints out before using compressed air and the oxy torch, its looking pretty second hand, and had a hard life. I will show you some pics
  19. Does the Gnarly pipe fit onto the standard muffler?
  20. I have touched base with them, however I'm seeing my local engineering place tomorrow who Tig welds Yes that was on my radar
  21. If it has a CD drive you can boot it with another OS like say a Hirens BootCD. If it is a local account, you can also use CHNTPW from here: There is also a good article about changing to a local account from a MS account: Is it definitely set up with a Microsoft account? MS are an absolute PITA to deal with. Had a client whose sister passed away unexpectedly and despite having a full legal entitlement they were not able to get the password reset, so no email to finalise her estate for bill
  22. Given the riders were all capable we had a go at a couple of harder obstacles. Most was L2 or L2+ and even the rock in question is L2 if the easier line is taken which was not the one in the videos but further around to the left. Would never want to lead anyone into anything harder than they were up for.
  23. Thanks to all the boys for coming on the ride snowman for organising and riles and kmatt for sweeping duty and help thru the ride and also my crash over the massive vertical drop it could of been or turned worst than what I thought it was too late within seconds
  24. Yes dazz more than level 2 and that was me that had the off that boulder caught me out paying the price for it today she is still swollen up like a sausage
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