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  2. Nothing like a yammy 450 but if you can ride the 250exc to its full potential you ain't gonna get much more from a wr450
  3. Yer I know it's like ktm and Yamaha had a love child
  4. I didn't put much thought into getting my 300 ie 250 or 300 but it has been an easy transition across to the 2 stroke . You would think possibly DC and I would be more suited to each others bike , but from my understanding and to why I got the 300 was that the 250 was a lot racier and more critical to good and constant gear selection . Having an awesome time on mine , it does everything I need it to do under a 100km ride.
  5. The 6day looks confused - am I a KTM. Husky or a Husaberg.
  6. Agreed Gisborne is a cracker!
  7. i tested the 250 300 and liked the 250 better but once i feel that i want more ive got the 450 there as the new 250 pull up hill better than i frist through i can still take off in second on a hill and that all i need as the bike there to get me bike fit for the 450 as i feel the 250 and 450 and best combination but if i was to buy one. bike i would of gone 350 but the 250 has amazed me how well it rides as for me the olny area that i feel the 300 better is monsters hill climb but when i think of what riding i do it olny about 3% of the riding i do and it amazing how much down low power it has and 1200 more for a 300 could be better spent on fork and shock as the 250 pull my 130 kg body up hill easy there came along way
  8. Looking at the picture again it's the angel of the frame that makes the shock tilted,lol
  9. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere the chassis and ergos are all the same as the 17 except for the part where the oil tank goes but they did stiffen up both front and rear suspension
  10. Day license is a day MA license yes Dont know the complete ins and outs but I don't think any hospital cost are covered by MA and if ypu bingle on a race day you can't go claim it on TAC Sprint : point A to point B against the clock with intervals between each rider. Courses are normally 8-12min depending what venue/club you normally do around 6 sprints
  11. Congrats on the bike mate. Pretty sure you won't be happy with the 250 at your weight DC. I can see plenty of mods and a 300 kit coming,time will tell.
  12. It will look grouse in person. Have a look in the picture below, the rear shock is tilted forward more then the 17s
  13. yeah got the 250 as i got a wr45017 in December and need to get bike fit on the 250 so i can get back on the 450 again
  14. Have you guys seen the 18 6days not a big fan myself
  15. if i dont run in to. much trouble i going to. try the kyb sss on the ktm
  16. I have a custom ohlins on it way [emoji106]
  17. Nar don't worry about the green yellow and red there shit lol, I'm on a 14 yz450f atm and stuck on whether to sell it or not once I get a 300
  18. if you are looking at just rear shocks for the htm or husy go wp trax but if going front and rear ohlins but to i know that the japan factory ktm mx team use to trax in rear with kyaba up front
  19. yeah got a blue and orange 17 now just need green,yellow and red
  20. I got told I can put a deposit down but if I want to I can change my mind and get the deposit back I don't think there too fussed coz they know they would sell it. Do you think there is any potential problems I read that most of the technology is the same or similar to there tested 4t parts
  21. Congratulations mate and welcome to the 17s
  22. knowing me i probably get a tpi to went there come out
  23. Yer that's a big thing that I'm stuck on aswell I don't want to wait Till January lol the 6 days will be here in October lol
  24. 250 as i like it more
  25. i went down to day to put a deposit on a tpi but after hearing that the release is 2018 i went with a 17 as i can't wait 7 month
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