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  2. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Well done TRAILZ for having a crack and stepping up [emoji106], your only going to improve, you won’t get better if you keep riding the same lvl and forest each week imo, top effort mate keep it up.[emoji106]
  3. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Thanks to kmatts and Marko for an awesome ride. I've ridden greendale plenty of times and I haven't been on 80% of the tracks we hit today. Conditions were brilliant, heaps of traction, lots of fun. I offered to go down a steep gully first with no one knowing what was to come. Really steep up hill, failed the first attempt then hit it again with more speed. Got further but a fallen tree around the bend didn't help, tipped the bike and started running uncontrollably down this hill nearly necking my self, so we turned back and called it quits. Great day out. Thanks guys
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  5. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    So much grip, so much dust, so much speed. This was the fastest average pace ride I have ever been on. (I await a comment from Bruce along the lines of too many breaks ) It was basically pin it to win it - and we all won. Kmatts and Marko strung together some excellent tracks today. Some old favourites and some new ones too. It always makes me laugh how we decide to explore at the end of rides and then wish we hadn't. We even had rock royalty with us. Paul's + 1 was none other than the Boss - Bruce Springsteen aboard a WR400. Although he swears he is actually Aussie. Highlight today for me was watching Crusty nail the hill before the 3 sisters. He did it on the pegs and made it look effortless whilst the rest paddled behind.
  6. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    I guess it felt even worse when you were offering me fuel and I was telling you this is my all time favourite. Imagine how much worse it would have felt if I took your fuel as well
  7. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Now your just showing off mate, I refill and struggle to make 70km, your not playing with a full tank and get over 80!
  8. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Great day out. Thanks to all involved. Had to bail a little early... i left my fuel cap off after filling up at the servo this morning.... wasnt playing with a full tank!! Great photos as usual Marko.
  9. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Sounds like a great day out, spewing I couldn't make it
  10. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Thanks Kmatts for organizing this ride, perfect conditions and great ride, Greendale is always fun. Ten of us started and by the end of the ride only 4 of us finished the loop with little bit of exploring at the end. Little bit of dust out there today but most of the tracks were perfect and plenty of grip, 84 km today of great riding and we even visited the Three sisters but in dry not much challenge. Kbuxx you are banned from my rides as of today, I cant believe you said Kmatts ride was better then my last week ride . The highlight of today's ride for me was exploring and Crusty350 dropping his bike up this ridiculous steep hill and then running down that hill, that looked scary. Rest of us decided to turn back and never to return there again . Few photos from the ride:
  11. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Great day, lots of great tracks and long rocky hills! Thanks so much bear for leading the ride. Once again dan says thanks - and the auction went well for him!
  12. Bears Tallarook step up L3 ride

    Thanks Bear for leading a great ride today, it was a great group of riders who conquered all that was put in front of them. Many knarly downs and ups, Trails you have improved heaps and got through all that was presented with no help, well done. Wishy, always a pleasure to ride with you and your plus 1 seemed to enjoy himself. Yep I am sitting here enduring some very sore ribs, a small scratch and a couple of lumps with a nice red 50 cent size coin bruise waiting to turn black. I now know how it felt jousting and coping one in the ribs.
  13. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Your bike sounds thirstier than me on a Friday night
  14. Kmatts grouse Greendale

    Thanks Matt for posting up what turned out to be my favourite ride ever. Now I did see Marko's lip quiver when I mentioned that this was my favourite ride, but other that Matt leading, Marko did as well so no need for any Quiver Marko, you were apart of it. Thanks Matt (and Marko) for leading and to Browny and crusty for sweeping. I was afraid that I would not have enough fuel and Matt indicated that he would send me home before my fuel time was up. I did decide to carry a litre and a half so I got a little bit more riding time. Unfortunately, the extra fuel I carried was enough to get me to the furthest away from the cars that we were going to be. In good dirtriderZ spirit, I started to get offers of fuel from some of the guys which took all my concerns away. I'm so glad that I went and was lead around some of the best tracks I have ever seen. We concurred many hills, awesome flowing tracks and the pace was good. Once I hit reserve (my bike did too), I ran out of water and it wasn't long before some hand cramps started to occur. Fixxy and I headed back to the cars and 70km all up with the extra fuel I carried, Browny turned up 20 minutes later while the rest went exploring. I am envious. envious of all the guys having a bikes that can go the distance and envious of the guys that can just keep going. Great day, great tracks, and a great bunch. Till next time, Love you long time. Cheers n beers, Brian.
  15. Life in Zhengzhou China

    I'dont know what happened but I couldn't make any comments on here, still having trouble ordering dinner, went to Pizza hut again thought we had ordered 2 pizza, young blokes comes back just before Graham got his pizza & asked if we had ordered 2 pizzas :) we meet a Russian today, so that 4 people who can speak English, the TV reminds of that Boss song 67 channels & there's nothing on, unless you can speak Chinese ;)counting down the days till we leave !! so you may hear from me again, i'll see what happens ?
  16. What an awesome days ride. Bear lead DazzRMX, Wishy, Dan and myself on an epic Tallarook ride covering approx 74 klms. I was a lil nervous about stepping up to a L3 ride but had a blast. Much thanks to Bear and Dazz for your support & guidance leading up to this ride - it's made me a better rider. We covered a variety of terrain at good pace. Some descents and knarly rocky terrain. What a challenge! 3 quarters of the way thru the ride Bear noticed Dans radiator what spewing up so we pulled up to fill it with water and for it to cool down. Faced with more logs n a few hills Dan pulled the plug - well done mate for getting that far. With Wishy sweeping and Bear leading Dazz and myself kept going. Making it to the power lines for a quick catch up... We did discuss the seat position of Dazz's gonads... maybe moulding it into his seat for comfort haha Pace was awesum by my standards and that ain't too fast hehe We climbed a few more hills and more logs and of course rocks lol Dazz managed to clear a track for us with his ribs (which I'll upload a pick soon of) hope you're ok mate! Thanks Bear for leading and Wishy for sweeping. I had an absolute blast today. TrailZ NB: vid and pics to come once I've uploaded them to YouTube
  17. Who Havn't You Seen On Here In A Long Time ?

    Good to here your back on the bike mate.[emoji106]
  18. Who Havn't You Seen On Here In A Long Time ?

    My second ride on my bike yesterday after damaging my finger on the grand final ride last year, not riding unfortunately nothing to post.
  19. Thanks heaps mate
  20. This is for the 14 model which run the same cylinder etc as the 16
  21. Yesterday
  22. Cheers mate, I was thinking around 30nm for some reason so was close [emoji106]

    Its either 27 or 29nm..i know its one of the two
  24. 350 riders

    Frank if you can try and stretch yourself and get a 2017 350excf hole new engine and frame design at a 104kg the bike is so smooth & light to ride and heaps of power and the Xplore forks are awesome imo . Oh buy the way iv had no problems with flame outs either, keep in mind Sprocket ratios and aftermarket Mufflers play a big part in flame outs.
  25. Does anyone know what the torque specs are for a ktm 2016 ktm300 head and cylinder?
  26. Wombat 7th April pub run

    Wombat Enduro Loop - Saturday 7 April 2018 - Part 15
  27. Smokers Lounge

    Mr Noodle - how are you going with your new bike? Got the carb/jetting issues sorted?
  28. 350 riders

    The 450 is definitely on the short list along with the Beta 350/390/430
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