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  2. Please let us know what they find.
  3. Property Investment

    I’m patiently waiting for an International airport at Avalon
  4. Property Investment

    The idea is look for properties in areas where there is going to be positive growth. The possible closing of the toir in Noodles area one day in the future will boost prices further and he will win again!
  5. Axle bearing question

    Happy to buy bearings from a forum sponsor, this kit I bought was ordered before I joined this forum. I have bought many items from MX store in the past as their prices are good. All Balls bearings appear low quality and no numbers as is the norm.
  6. Axle bearing question

    I just put in new front bearings and seals from Chads .. I must admit with these I found one seal impossible to install the way it’s suggested . It simply would not locate correctly and would bind on the spacer. . Installing in the reverse to suggested it spins no problem . This has nothing to do with Chads . Maybe I m not holding my tongue correctly [emoji12] Any tips?
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  8. Axle bearing question

    SKF from Chads Offroad for the win. Great price, best quality and supporting a forum sponsor
  9. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    Who cares! if ya got $16k for a new bike, ya got the extra 40 bucks for a plug that you may never need. Contrary to the infoin this thread, heard some great things about the tpi bikes from a couple of blokes who rode them overseas. But, to be honest, I don’t give a rats, my next bike will be a 4T most likely. I Can’t even ride them to half of their ability.
  10. Axle bearing question

    Everyone to their own but, I'd buy OEM OR quality seals and bearings from a bearing shop.
  11. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    Running them super lean, so speeecciiiaall plug required, would want to be iridium at that price.
  12. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    $46,wow what a rip. [emoji107] Br7es, i pay $5 for non tpi. You need a spare,so no choice. [emoji106]
  13. 2018 KTM/HUSQVARNA TPI 250/300

    KTM 300 TPI spark plug update....... I have just received a spare genuine spark plug for my TPI six days and confirm the OEM plug sent is ZGR7GI13G. I sent an email to NGK Australia asking for information on the correct spark plug (my factory plug didn't even have the code printed on the porcelan but had numbers stamped around the metal threaded section). I received a prompt repy from their technical section stating the only plug available was from KTM. NGK will not be supplying an aftermarket replacement for another 6 to 12 months. I bit the bullet and paid the $46 so I had a spare.
  14. Axle bearing question

    It was Mono pumps that I was putting the seals in backwards, they would chop the bearings out in 3 months with the seal lip facing inwards. These days those pumps with the lip facing outwards run for years at the mine before they finally wear out and the garter spring would be long gone as these pumps are in an environment that devours 316 stainless. I reckon if all those Engineers got everything right every time there would be no aftermarket industry.
  15. What Have U Done To Your Bike This Week

    I made a bench to get my bike up off the deck, I put castors on it to move it around. I made new swing arm and suspension bushes and fitted them but found it difficult to access the bolts on the linkages with the bike just sitting on the jack.
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  17. Summer merchandise

    Big Adz, if you read this, you need to select a size for your hat Cheers

    Make sure your teenagers are travelling okay!!! Many of them struggle with this part of life, this time of year can be hard for them to cope.
  19. I was going to post this up in the depression thread. But figured its worth its own thread, due to the importance and the realness of this topic. I have noticed a lot of posts on various levels of social media in the last few weeks regarding suicide. Even read the stats of male suicides per week, and the figures were staggering and sad. Similar advice below that was given in the depression thread, but if you have a mate, you suspect might be a bit down, or going through a tough patch, reach out, give them a call, take them out for a feed or a beer..... This time of the year also, leading up the Christmas, can be a hard time of the year for many, missing a loved one that is no longer with us, etc etc etc... Be there for your mates, brothers, sisters, family!!!!! Below is the suicide hotline phone number, 131114 Below is the link to lilfeline, Cheers
  20. Welcome Patty, catch you at the christmas ride
  21. Property Investment

    I moved next to an abbatoir. My house price has gone up over 150% and I know where to find the dog when she gets out!
  22. Yep, big thanks again to Funnelweb filters, mine arrived yesterday
  23. Adding an (S)

    Many things could be added to many titles and rides to better describe what we expect the ride to be but then it just complicates something that doesn't need anymore misinterpretation. I totally understand what your saying, but a simple post in the ride thread or a pm to ride organiser to confirm might be a better avenue. The rider grading is more aimed at newer riders to the forum to try get them an understanding of what we are about and onto an appropriate levelled ride so not be overwhelmed. A really good description in the opening post can describe what you want if leading a ride, it makes it better for everyone to understand what we are in for.
  24. Adding an (S)

    Hi Daz, What you have mentioned above, screams classic level 2... But as always with the confusion, and the variance in peoples perceptions of a certain ride levels, some don't see it as that. Always happy for new ideas on the forum, and more than happy to take advice from members, But the ride grading system has been flogged like a dead horse over time, and is like opening a can of worms every time its bought up, so to save a the headaches/hassle and confusion, we will leave it as is..... People are however, more than welcome to add ( social ) into the topic when posting a ride up Cheers, Geoffro
  25. Summer merchandise

    Hi mate, Is that for singlets or caps ??
  26. Adding an (S)

    Very clever dazz.i like it.
  27. Would like to thank Steve and his crew at Steg Pegs,spoke to him on Monday and they arrived today how’s that for fantastic service ? Thanks again for being great supporters of our forum cheers
  28. Property Investment

    I would never suggest to anyone not to invest in property in fear of future development. Indeed it is a key elements to look for and investigate and consider the what if’s when buying which will almost always enhance value. Unless of course it’s a tip or a abattoir etc.
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