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  2. Covid got me committed to get some big Adventure rides in ASAP. Update the Berg with a Rally tower, highway dirt bike mirrors and a graphics freshen up on the 20 liter tank. Set me free Danny boy.
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  4. Welcome to the forum mate Checkout StarGlen Lodge which up in Bonnie Doon on the edge of The Strathbogie Ranges. Close to 350 acres of private property, can just do a day trip or the have basic (very basic) motel type accomodation with a bar and bistro set up (cracking meals) The riding has everything, a good big open learners area, some good fire trail type riding and a great variety of tight techy tracks and hills from mild to wild!
  5. Hey all, Just joined the group after a recommendation from FB.. I'm a long time bike rider, ex amateur road racer back in the UK and Europe, love my enduro bikes too. Am from the UK originally, have lived and ridden extensively across the UK, Europe, Middle East.. Always keep my hand in with a bike in the garage but have just recently stepped back in to offroad (FE350) mainly as its just too hard to properly enjoy a roadbike in Aus... Keen to just get out and ride... Love technical riding, not an expert but just like a challenge, not so much into high speed heroics or jumping shit now I'm 51 and break easy but never say never 🙂 Have just bought my daughter a CRF250F and the mrs a CRF110F so would love to take them out on some family friendly trails too, they need to be private though as kiddos only 17 and wifey doesnt have a license.. Would be fun to find somewhere that races minibikes too, the CRF110 for "the wife" was really for me as I just couldnt resist LOL! Anyway, hi... Look forward to riding out somewhere soon now we're allowed to go play again!
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  7. For those that might want to grab a copy. There is a cool write up from the Black Dog ride earlier this year in the latest Dirt Action mag. It went on sale on the 16th, so should be in most newsagents by now. Cheers
  8. I agree Toys. When Faultline20 converts many hours of video into bite sized highly watchable and entertaining chucks he is a force of nature. Great work from Eammon. The sport and those lucky enough to that play occasional extras in his compilations are the beneficiaries for which we are grateful [emoji106]
  9. Riding around Mallacoota keen to find some new places close by usually go to Woodside and neerim further away
  10. Welcome mate, see you out at Neerim soon. I'm a Sherco man myself.
  11. Kept old username and just logged back in. Never really posted before to be honest. But actually got a bike this time and don’t intend to sell it anytime soon that’s for sure.
  12. Welcome back mate! what was your old user name? i will merge the both into one. Cheers
  13. Hey all name is Rick and have recently purchased a 2020 Sherco 300 2 smoker. Absolutely love the bike. Mainly used to big 4 strokes but always wanted to get back on a smoker. Getting back into riding after not having a bike for a very long time. Have gotten in a few solo rides and a few with mates due to being regional. Will jump on some rides in the future when we are allowed out to play with everyone. Pic of bike on its maiden voyage out to Neerim.
  14. After a lifetime of living in the shadows I was blessed that my life has been documented a couple of seconds at a time since about 2014 by faultline 20 films. At the wrong side of 55 having some video history of my life on local and international rides (no matter how embarrassing) kept for posterity is something I am very grateful for. I was privileged to loan him my bike in 2019 as a small repayment of friendship and good times riding bikes (although was disappointed that I broke my foot and his bike breaking down that caused the loan). Checkout his videos, if it doesn't make you want to ride you may be in the wrong sport. Cheers for the years Eammon!
  15. Good info Pete thanks. As I understand it the stock jetting is rubbish and just by looking at photos of the bike the carb looks like it's pointing downward quite a bit so I reckon the float height might be tricky to get right. Fuel consumption sounds to be a tad better than what I'm used to. I struggle to get 100k's out of a 12L tank and that's bone dry.
  16. We have a 2022 KLX140L coming at the end of the month too. My son cashed cans and bottles to pay for it!! Can't wait to get it home too!!
  17. Congrats on the new bike Hoff , looks unreal , I want one
  18. Hi Dann, firstly a small typo on my part, I'd been waiting 5 months (just seemed like 6!!). The dealer did set up the jetting, I was told that if it was left as it came from the factory I wouldn't even ride it down the street! It seems to be running fine atm , maybe just a bit rich off the bottom but I'm no tuning guru. The dealer did supply a list of jetting specs used by sponsored Sherco riders. Fuel consumption works out at approx 10km per litre on a mixture of mostly "narrow" trails and more open going, so 100kms should be achievable on a tank. To get those kms you'd have to use all the available fuel so you have to tip it over a bit to access the fuel left in the lower parts of the tank after reserve is used up. I've only done 79kms on it so far so I don't know if it will change much with a bit more run time?
  19. Jeeze I've only been waiting 4 months, looks like I better just try and forget about it for now then. I see you've only had 2 rides but just wondering if you or the shop have changed the jetting and also what sort of fuel range you've had so far?
  20. After a wait of 5 months my new toy (2022 Sherco 300se Factory) finally arrived. I've had two rides on it so far ( the benefit of being in regional Victoria), the first just a cruise around some 4WD tracks on my own. Last Sunday saw the first real trail ride up at Wombat with a few other regional riders. So,....what do I think of the French Maid (made), she's not only good looking but goes and handles brilliantly. Only negative so far is the heavy clutch pull, but a Midwest Mountain Engineering clutch lever will solve that!
  21. Still waiting patiently mate. I've got some stuff already to put on it and almost everything else I need waiting at the dealer. They're going to call me a week before it's ready to pick up so as every day clocks by I know it's still going to be another week... They'd better hurry up because I've let more than a few maintenance things slide on the YZ lately, would prefer not to spend any more money on it before it's retirement.
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  23. Wooohoo DG! Good to see It's finally in your possession. I can't wait to see it complete.
  24. Very Niiiiice congrats Miranda [emoji108]
  25. My neck is all healed however I will most likely be getting surgery on my shoulder and thumb. 😭
  26. Thankyou! Won't be back on the bike till the new year but at least I have plenty of time to put all my personal touches to it!!
  27. Congratulation on the new bike Dirt girlie enjoy.
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