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  2. Looking great Cruiser, hopefully it will hit the road for some spring time camping / riding trips..
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  4. Awesome work cruiser, dibs a bed and shower next time we camp out
  5. Thanks van looking awesome terrific job.
  6. Yet to find out Stinky. The diagrams talked about 3 walls around it. Or roof and 2 walls. It will exhaust to the outside. Weather it is fast enough is yet to be seen. It is fixed into place. Worse case scenario. I will put a little computer fan in there to help it remove the heat from the exhaust vent a little faster. I have ordered 3 fans. 2 of which I am going to place behind the fridge to help it get rid of heat. Been an absorbtion fridge this may help in the summer months So maybe one will go with the shower? Plan to test it out next week. Will keep you posted. The only issue I can see is if the heat from the exhaust lingers. The machine may shut down?
  7. Hi cruiser does the shower require more room to exhaust or is that ok.... Ive seen them on the inside of doors then swing out into the open...Asking because thinking of placing mine into enclosed trailer.
  8. Sensational stuff mate
  9. And of course the rear entry door. Cant wait to get it out of the garage and start using it.. Maybe I will use it in the driveway till it can be towed somewhere.lol
  10. I decided to keep the orange bench tops. Small reminder of where this caravan came from. Slimline Venetians and new pelmets to finish the picture.
  11. I really enjoyed this project. And while there is a bit to go. Loving each stage as it comes to completion.
  12. The 12v wiring and 240v wiring kept me busy. But came up great. Not that I expect to ever use the 240v while out in the bush. Its nice to know its there to complete the pic. The rear bed and heater box completed. The cabinets also completed. The front bed still needs tweaking but it is close.
  13. So the Van has kept me occupied whilst not riding. Whilst it is still got a way to go. Mainly with the detail and sealing it up. The popup surround and canopy still needs to be finished off and put on. I have spent a large amount of my time on the inside and have it just about squared away. The slideout kitchen and bed will finish the internals of the van. Then its just the outside to concentrate on. I have installed a diesel heater. I think the main time I might use this is in the morning when its pissing down and cold. Getting changed for a ride and having a cuppa indoors might suit this ol fella. I also think the best thing after a ride in the cold is a shower. So this was also an important feature of the Caravan. As you can see. The orange has been deleted. Covering it with Black.
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  15. Finally bought some gas for my mig yesterday. Tomorrow I plan to set it up and practice. I reckon it shouldn't be too hard to get my welds to look as good as that weld...Will show you some pics tomorrow.
  16. Whipped up a desk today for the missus now she’s working from home.
  17. Hi guys and gals, I have a slight dilemma.... I’ve bought a bike and had someone lined up to pick it up for me but now they can’t do it 😢 . so I’m asking if anyone can pickup a bike from Barellan ( near Griffith) and get it to either Albury or Mulwala so I can pick it up. will pay You for your time ! cheers 🍻
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  19. New member here. Otways based rider. 300 two stroke fanatic. May have been a member of another well known forum for a long time, dropped away from riding for a while but back into it now. Ride with a small group of regulars but think I’ll be looking to branch out and get onto some organised rides in the future.
  20. Rat Finke


    A clever response [mention=990]silent[/mention] which had me smiling for the day [emoji2]
  21. Sometimes new isn't better, just like how suits have been around for ages and they will always be classier than some hipster look that changes every week.
  22. Getting closer Noods My list of stuff still to square away, fits on one A4 page now. Will do some more on the weekend. Which may see the internals complete.
  23. So this must just about be finished now mate???
  24. Along with the mig and arc setup on my original cigweld weldskill185, I bought the tig torch for it as one of my employees wanted to learn and have a play. We did some reading and youtubing from weld.com and he was quickly producing some nice welds. He is going to have a crack at making a bow rail for his boat over the weekend and maybe some schnapper racks too so I will post some pics when he finishes
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    6 more weeks of lockdown
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