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  2. larby Cave hikers lost

    Probably depends how many mushrooms they ate whilst wandering into the bush...?
  3. larby Cave hikers lost

    Just see in the Herald that there were 4 hikers,cave hikers lost @ Larby, it's NOT that far off a track to get there is it, i always wonder how these hikers end up lost, don't they know were there going, or is it a it more than that ? !
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yep when out doing track work i really miss my 4x4


    1. cruiser


      made for a great ride today:D

      Even if it is still on a beta:P

  6. Last week
  7. Brakes seem to be working great now after giving the piston a good clean & blowing it out , can't go for a test ride as Mario has my seat, i finely bit the bullet & am getting it cut down so i can get my Duck legs closer to the ground
  8. Frankston bearings are pretty good, plus there's a bearing place in Crimbourne just up the road from Proline Motorcycles
  9. Hi all, I'm after a complete set of bearings and seals for my bike, swingarm, linkage, both wheels and headstem plus a couple of other odd ones here and there. I can't find a decent place anywhere near me so I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation? South East of the CBD would be my preference, but I'm not all that fussed really as long as the have stock and know what they're talking about! Cheers.
  10. Correct. Mate reckons it's because the sprocket side gets a lot of force exerted on it with the jerks from accelerating. Must move it enough to allow water in I guess. It was so loose I could pull it out with my bashing with a drift required.
  11. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Good on ya fellas. I wish i had the talent and experience to attempt Romaniacs. I ran into a plumber on site called Dean Fitzsimons who finished i think 7th iron class. Not bad for a bloke in his early forties,he said he was chasing three younger blokes with not much success but at the end of the day he finished the course and had a holiday afterwards. Very Jealous Best of luck [emoji108]
  12. Goldentyre 216AA

    I run golden on the front of the Kato and the cr I can't fault them at all give excellent grip
  13. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Yep we are excited too Buzz , we will be cheering you both on , what a monumental event to go to let alone compete as well. Cant wait
  14. Been wondering why my Sherco rear brake was bad to non existence ? been doing a bit of work on it, & it looks like the piston is jamming So it looks like i'll pull caliper apart & replace seals & give it a good clean !
  15. Another newbie from Melbourne

    Well, it's no surprise from what I've been reading about CRF valves, but I think it should run better with some new ones......!
  16. Another newbie from Melbourne

    hello and welcome, look foward to seeing you on the trails soon!
  17. Would be the sprocket side that was flogged ? The Sherco has 2 bearing on sprocket side & i replaced 1 @ about 2,500 klm
  18. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    I have been hoping to see one or both of you enter an international event seeing how you both train so hard. Fantastic news! Keep up the training and I wish you both well and every success!
  19. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Nothing pleases me more than watching a Beta getting smashed up[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  20. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    All the best lads
  21. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Congrats on having the big ones to pony up and take on such an awesome event guys. The hard work you guys have been putting in over the past years will help with the skills needed and hopefully the thought of laughter and trailside banter will put you in a better place when soul destroying hills and slippery gullies have sapped all your strength. All the best lads and stay safe
  22. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Awesome stuff guys! i will be watching your progress and cheering you on every step of the way! if you want a bike that will get you to the end you can borrow my yamaha! Really proud of you guys! What class are you entering?
  23. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Nice one Buzz. I wish you both all the best.....That certainly is one hell of a bucket list item...[emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362][emoji1362]
  24. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    I knew we wouldnt keep this a secret forever, thanks Dazz!!!. Just one of those bucket list things that I thought Id never do but when a good friend is going and the Mrs gives the green light, there aint no excuses left!!!!. I do owe thanks to all the people Ive ridden with and met through this website over the past couple of years for getting me to a position now where I feel I can have a crack at this. Mev and I are now starting to train pretty hard and basically just smash our bikes every weekend!!!. To say Im excited about July is an understatement!!!. Cheers Buzz
  25. Washed it. New front sprocket. New rear wheel bearing, one side was flogged out something shocking, other side was fine!
  26. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Thanks awesome guys top effort!
  27. Dirtriderz do Romaniacs

    Well said Dazz! A big shout out to Farmer Buzz and Wildwood Mev keep up the hard training guys you are going to do us proud [emoji106][emoji109]🤙
  28. I would just like to let fellow Dirtriderz know that we have 2 fellow members entering Romaniacs this year, Buzz and Mevstar. Hope you guys dont mind me blowing the whistle but I am proud and feel you guys should be also. Very tough event and wish you guys all the best - train hard and dont ride with Gumbys like me. Sincerely go hard and to just finish will make me and im sure fellow Dirtriderz very proud. Have fun !!!!!!!
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